Monday, August 29, 2011

The White Aster

Before today, I never really paid attention to my Mom-in-Law's shrubby perennial plants with small white flowers in our garden. Albeit I water the plants almost every other day, I took these particular plants for granted for the longest time. Unlike the undisputed champions in the world of flowers, the Orchids, these plants' flowers are indeed often forsaken.

I always thought they were just some wild small flowers from anonymous low maintenance plants that grow and bloom without much attention. Now that we enjoy rainy season and I get to indulge myself with the view of blooming flowers everywhere in our garden, I began to notice that they are not merely small white flowers.

They are very pretty little white flowers.

Flowers of the Day: White Aster in our garden.

And they have a name.

The White Aster.

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