Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Very, Very Old Photos

I happened to open the drawer where my Mom keeps our old family photo albums during my last visit to my parents' house in Indonesia a couple weeks ago. I discovered the album which contains my photos when I was still a baby. I think my Mom was pretty good in organizing her children's baby photos in the albums as she put dates on top of each photo. Too bad, the pages of that album now are kind of scattered as the rings that held the album together were long gone. Each page also possesses the old smell and has turned yellowish in color.

I was pretty sure that my Mom has lost all the photo negatives so I wanted to bring the album over to Malaysia and scan them to preserve those priceless ancient pictures of mine until the next century. However, I found it was way too troublesome to remove each photo stuck to pages of the so-called magnetic photo album. I also pictured the possibilities that I might tear the photo when removing them from the album and lose one or two of them too if I wasn't so careful enough in digging them. All the more, my Mom might have objected me borrowing her album to Malaysia for a few months. Hence, my husband helped me to snap some pictures of my old photos by using his camera instead. As a result, the soft copies of my baby photos that I have now are not so fantastic but again, it's still better than nothing.

So, do you want to see me back in some twenty six years ago, when I was still cute and innocent?

Sad face and I was obviously not ready to pose for photos.
*Photo credit by Lidya*

8 months old: Fatty.

Showing two rabbit teeth: Can't remember why I gave this wide smile back then.

My birthday cake and mountains of birthday presents when I turned 1 year old.

 Me and my sister posing in our regular photo studio near parents' old house.
*Photo credit by Lidya*

Thinking back, I think I had a happy childhood and my parents indeed showered me with lots and lots of unconditional love. Until now, actually.

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