Wednesday, August 17, 2011

25 Days to Go Before the Wedding in Malaysia

It's almost been a month since our wedding celebration in Indonesia on last July and honestly, both my husband and I pretty much have less energy and mood to organize another one in Malaysia. When we hosted our wedding reception in my hometown, Malang, both of us could not believe that we were supposed to do all the wedding preparations, ceremony and celebration one more time for the September wedding in Malaysia. BUT, we have to do it, no matter what.

In the past month, we've been kind of busy yet relax (ironic, I know!) in preparing our wedding reception in Malaysia. There are still arguments between the two of us in preparing the wedding but they are just so inevitable. Although we have booked some major things for the wedding in Malaysia like the venue, bridal house and florist as well as printed the wedding invitation cards long time ago but there are still lots of details that we need to take care of. Believe it or not, since wedding reception in Malaysia is way much simpler than the one in Indonesia, my husband, his Mom and I only started getting busy in only less than two months before the D-Day.

Here are some wedding preparation progresses that we have done thus far, considering that now we are only less than a month away from our final wedding day in Malaysia.

1. Booked the Wedding Cake

My husband and I booked our wedding cake only a couple weeks ago. Since it's kind of uncommon in Seremban to have 6 or 7 layers of grandeur (dummy) wedding cake, I really hit the wall when choosing the local bakery and cake house which is able to customize the wedding cake in the way that I wanted since I cannot accept the complimentary plain dummy wedding cake from the restaurant. In Malaysia, or in Seremban rather, the maximum wedding cake that the local cake houses can do is cake with 3 layers only and the logistical policy for the cake on the actual day is self-collection. It's all real edible cake though. They count the cake cost by the cake's total weight and icing we use. Since we had to use the expensive royal icing for the 6 kg cake that we booked, we ended up forking RM 600 out just for the cake. Such a bummer as this was the price I paid for my seven-layer wedding cake in Indonesia and the cake house delivered it right to the hotel where we held our wedding reception. Oh well, when in Rome, do as the Romans do!

2. Chose and Fitted the Wedding Gowns 

I selected two wedding gowns for my wedding day in Malaysia from the Bridal House that I previously engaged for our pre-wedding photos. One is a white wedding dress with long tail for the morning ceremony and another one is a much simpler white gown as I think I am required to walk around pretty often during the toasts at the wedding reception. Next month, my make-up and hair do sessions start as early as 6.30am! I am so going to need my beauty sleep on the night before the D-Day, or else I'd have the panda eyes in the morning.

Next to-do-list:

  • Set 5.45am alarm on the wedding day for early make-up and hair do sessions
  • Take the wedding gowns from the Bridal House two days before the D-Day and do not forget to return them on the next day after the wedding reception
  • Bring the make-up effect ampoule and fake eyelashes for the make-up sessions as the Bridal House in Malaysia don't provide these for free

3.  Confirmed the Car Decoration and Hand Bouquet

Wedding car decoration and hand bouquet are part of the parcel we got from the Bridal House in Malaysia. Based on the colour of the wedding car that we are going to use on the wedding day, a couple months ago, my husband and I selected the colour theme that we want for the wedding car decoration. We also purchased some additional fake flowers to decorate the car (I'm a fussy customer and tend to have high expectation when it comes to my wedding!). We have also chosen the type and colour of the flowers for the bride's hand bouquet sometime last month.

Next to-do-list:

  • Send the wedding car to the Bridal House one day before the D-Day
  • Pick the hand-bouquet from the Bridal House one day before the D-Day

4. Tasted the Food

Last Friday, my husband, his core family members and I tasted and critiqued the food that we plan to serve on our wedding reception. The food tasting in Malaysia seemingly is not a complimentary treat from the restaurant that we booked for our wedding reception. We had to pay for the food that we tasted, though we were given special 20% discount from the bill that night. I was actually quite surprised with this as we were not supposed to pay a dime for the full-course food tasting for my wedding reception in Indonesia. 

5. Shopped Traditional Chinese Wedding Stuff 

My husband and his Mom did quite a lot of traditional Chinese wedding stuff two weeks ago. I am going to elaborate more on what they purchased in a separate post because what they shopped are quite unique for me.

6. Printed Souvenir Photos

As I mentioned in my previous post, my Brother-in-law and his wife once advised us to print post-card sized pre-wedding photos and distribute them some relatives and friends on the wedding day itself. This is because some people in Malaysia apparently do keep an album consisting of their friends' or relatives' wedding photos, which my husband and I never thought of before. Knowing this, my husband asked his photographer/designer friends to watermark some of our pre-wedding photos with our names and wedding date. We printed about 100 photos on last weekend, just in case some guests want to keep our wedding photos like my Brother-in-Law said. Hopefully those who take our photo souvenirs don't make scribbles on our faces in the photo and then, throw our pictures away onto the garbage bin.

7. Distributed the Wedding Invitation Cards.

My husband made his friends' invitee list quite a long time ago but only started distributing our wedding invitation cards since last weekend. At the moment, we are not 100% done in doing this. Whenever his time permits, he drops some wedding invitation cards to his friends' houses or calls a group of his invited friends out for Yam Cha and pass the cards to them at one go. Actually, at this opportunity, my husband also assigns some tasks that he wants his friends to help during our wedding day like picking up the bridesmaids from the hotel, decorating the wedding house, picking up the cake from the cake house, etc.

His parents settle the relatives' and other guests' wedding invitation cards distribution. Before this, I didn't know how tiring distributing wedding cards could be as I didn't really go through this process for my wedding in Indonesia. My parents helped me distribute the wedding invitation cards to some of my friends' houses in Malang and I also utilized email and snail mail to send my wedding cards to my friends who don't live in the same city as me. Anyway, we still have about three weeks to go to finish distributing the cards. We should be fine.

8. Compiled Wedding Songs.

Since my Mom-in-Law was so firm with her mind on not having a Karaoke-style wedding lunch, my husband ought to prepare some wedding or love songs for three-hours run time, to be played during the reception. Our wedding or love songs collection were not enough for three hours run time, so my husband asked his musician friend to share with him some nice songs for our wedding reception.

Next to-do-list:

  • Finalize the songs that we really want to play during the wedding reception. We should select about 30 songs or so for three-hour run time.

9. Created Sample of Inspirational Wedding Photos for the Photographer

We don't hire the same photographer that shot our pre-wedding photos for our actual wedding day's photography. Therefore, to give the newly hired photographer some head ups on the style and feel of the wedding photos that we want to have during the D-Day, last night my husband did some research on wedding photos in the internet, chose about 20 of them and sent them across to the photographer for him to study.

Quite some progress we made in about one month time, huh? Quite rush but everything is still manageable so far. Moving forward, my next targets are to train my flower girls and be in touch with my Bridesmaids to confirm some 'challenges' arrangements for my husband and his entourage on our wedding day. I can't wait to see my family and Bridesmaids next month. Wohoo!

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