Saturday, July 9, 2011

Making Strawberry Chocolate Chips Butter Cookies and Three Tips in Baking Cookies

To repeat the success of my butter cookies I baked last month, I made them again last night (with the help of my husband in molding the cookie dough into small flower shapes). Since I already bought a small box pink strawberry chocolate chips quite a while ago, I decided that last night was the time to utilize them for my cookies.

Strawberry Chocolate Chips Butter Cookies.

They still look pretty and I thought my nieces would love the pink color of the chocolate chips.

Here are three important tips I gather from my experience in baking butter cookies that are not burnt on the bottom:

1. Check the oven temperature.

Always preheat the oven before baking. Make sure the oven temperature for baking cookies is accurate by using oven thermometer. If the recipe doesn't indicate the recommended oven temperature for baking cookies or we don't have an oven thermometer, make sure that we use a small fire for the oven in baking cookies.

Always bake the cookies in the top-half of the oven by using oven's center rack. This way the cookies will be baked in the highest temperature of the oven but the bottom is away from the oven's lower heating element, thus less possibility for the cookies to get burnt on the bottom part.

2. Use parchment paper.

Line the pan or baking tray with parchment paper when baking cookies. I didn't grease my baking tray when lining my pan with parchment paper. I roughly cut the parchment paper according to the tray's size, line it onto the tray then put all the moulded cookies dough on top. Parchment paper makes it easy to bake the cookies while eliminating extra grease and minimizing clean ups later on. It makes the whole thing less painful in removing the cookies from the tray as there is no more scraping cookies. Moreover, parchment paper promotes uniform baking as it helps the cookies to brown evenly. Just invest on parchment paper when baking cookies. No regret.

3. Keep an eye on the baking time.

Set an oven timer for the estimated baking time. I don't have a timer so I use my iPhone to watch my baking time. Whenever I feel that the time for baking is up, I take out the tray from the oven and check the color of the bottom of one cookie from the tray by using a spoon. If it's not brown enough, I put the cookie back to the tray and place tray into the oven for another 3-5 minutes, but I never leave them alone. I always stand by near my oven to check my cookies as needed. I just keep a close watch when baking cookies. When I find my cookies turn light brown on the bottom, I quickly remove them from the hot tray as the tray carries on baking from the heat. Once I remove the cookies from the hot tray, I let them cool completely in a dry and clean plate as I don't possess a wire rack.

Hope the above helps.

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