Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Making Pandan Steamed Short Cakes

This evening suddenly I felt the urge to bake something simple that could be done quickly. I didn't want to bake anything that involves chocolate since I felt like I have been overdosed of chocolates or chocolate cakes in the past few weeks.

After browsing some simple non-chocolate cake recipes in the internet, I decided to make Mini Pandan Roll Cakes. From this recipe, to make the base cake, everything looked pretty simple and easy. I was 100% sure that I could do it. Plus, I was allured by the roll cake's photo in the website. It's green (my favorite color) and looks really cute.

So, I started preparing the ingredients, making the cake batter, steaming the cake. All these only took twenty minutes of my time. Then, after another twenty minutes of steaming, I took out the cake from the steamer, released it from the mold and let it cool down for a while. Whilst waiting for my steamed cake to cool down, I prepared the butter cream. Everything went perfectly smooth up to this point. I didn't encounter any significant hurdle.

Baking disaster confronted me when it was the time to roll the cake after I spread the butter cream in the cake surface. Things kind of fell apart. I obviously did not know how to roll cake properly and underestimate all the techniques in doing the right thing to make a perfect roll cake. My cake cracked upon rolling into three smaller parts. It was really a cake wreck.

To save my day (and my cake), I decided to collect all my somewhat ruined cake parts, cut out all the ugly edges and assembled the cakes into three-layered mini short cakes.

Pandan Steamed Short Cakes: Accidentally put together from chaos.

After I decorated it with some cherries on top, the cakes turned out pretty descent and still tasted good. Actually the base pandan steamed cake already tasted quite nice since the beginning, it was fragrant and really soft. It was just so unfortunate that I shattered the intended roll cake into a total mess.

Anyway, I will try making this cake again in the near future, after I learn enough tips and tricks in rolling a cake.

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