Thursday, July 7, 2011

Making Chocolate Bolu Kukus

I had serious backache this late afternoon. I am under a lot of pressure with my current project and was just too stressed out with my work today. At about 4.30pm, I chose to take a break and make some cakes to ease my mind. I just needed to relieve my stress.

In my previous blog post, I mentioned that I didn't really feel like eating or making cakes with chocolate. That's why yesterday I made Pandan Steamed Short Cakes. Well, today I changed my mind. With exactly 150ml coconut milk leftover from yesterday's Pandan Cakes, I decided to use the coconut milk to make Bolu Kukus (half recipe). That said, this is my first trial in making Bolu Kukus with coconut milk. My very last attempt in making 10-minutes Bolu Kukus was using liquid milk. For today's attempt, I just replaced the liquid milk in the recipe with coconut milk. It worked just fine and I think my Bolu Kukus today produced better aroma, as a matter of fact.

I use chocolate powder and chocolate paste for my Bolu Kukus this time around after my husband gave me his two-cents about using too much food coloring in cakes. Folks in his house prefer eating food with minimum artificial coloring. That's why I think it's wiser to just use cocoa powder for my Bolu Kukus today.

Here's the look of my two-tones Chocolate Bolu Kukus. The two-tones color didn't look striking enough, though.

Chocolate Bolu Kukus: My second attempt in making 10-minutes Bolu Kukus.

A plate of  'laughing' chocolate Bolu Kukus.

Since I think that my Bolu Kukus today was quite successful, I offered my Brother-in-Law to pack some of the cakes and bring back to Kuala Lumpur for his daughters. My husband and I also packed few of them for a friend.

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  1. Actually both fresh milk or coconut milk taste and smells the same. Anyway, both tasted good! Well-done.


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