Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Evening Stroll and Photography Lesson

It was raining this whole afternoon. My husband just recovered from severe food poisoning post our wedding trip in Indonesia (which I have yet to blog) but he didn't want to rest anymore. With slight dizziness after total bed rest (read: too much sleep) in the past two days, my husband felt like taking an evening stroll around the neighborhood and smelling the after-rain air whilst teaching me some basic photography lessons to spice up our monotone evening stroll. I didn't mind. It's always good thing not to be stuck in the house the whole day.

The objects of our photography lesson today were blooming flowers in front of my house and other people's houses. At first, my husband handed me his brother's DSLR camera. He taught me some basic technicalities on holding DSLR in the right way, capturing photos with good angle by adjusting various focus systems in the camera, etc. Not long, I got confused, not focused and felt the DLSR camera body on my hand was getting heavier and heavier.

I gave up.

I decided to use my husband's smaller and lighter camera, Panasonic Lumix LX3. Easier but still quite problematic for me. As expected, I received minor scoldings from my husband as I partially listened to his instructions in taking good photos. Sometimes, I am such a ding dong when hearing theories. I tend to ignore and hear stuff partially. I wanted to just jump straight to practicing the theory, thus, am not able to practice the lesson properly. Bad habit.

Anyway, here are some flowers that I shot today. Not sure if they pass the test or not.

Shoot no. 1: Flowers in our house.

Shoot no. 2: Flowers in front of the public playground.

Shoot no. 3: Flowers in front of someone's house.

The above may not be so good photos. I might have taken the wrong angles of the flowers and focused on the wrong part of the objects in the photos. But thanks to my husband/photography mentor, at least, as a beginner in photography world, I learned something new today. More to come.


  1. Post your indonesia wedding. :) -irish

  2. Haha. Yes, Madam. Tomorrow - After I gather some wedding photos ok!

  3. Comment on shoot no.1: good depth-of-field(DOF) effect but main object a bit out of focus, messy background can distract the attention of viewer, overly edit on the colour(white flower became yellowish), over saturated/contrast(photo of a flower should usually soothe our eyes) may sharpen the object in the photo but make our eyes feel tense.
    Comment for shoot no.2: good angle, nice focus, can blame the camera for not being perfect, just hope you can get similar quality of photo under different condition within 3 shots.
    Comment for shoot no.3: lack of central of attention, over-exposed photo(check the histogram in the camera) that you hardly can see any cloud in the sky, slightly over-saturated.
    Just my 2-cents, don't digest everything. Read more, try more. Happy shooting!!

  4. Haha.. Ok, thanks for the comprehensive feedback. Take me out again for photography sessions. Outside Seremban is better, sightseeing also!


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