Monday, July 4, 2011

Checking Out the Ulu Bendul Recreational Park, Negeri Sembilan

Yesterday, my husband came up with an idea to spend our Sunday afternoon by doing a small family outing somewhere nearby our house. He suggested us, my Mom-in-Law and Bro-in-Law's family to have a picnic at the Ulu Bendul Recreational Park around Kuala Pilah area, about 16 km away from Seremban. This park is actually a protected forest area for recreational use. Since I had never been there before, I welcomed my husband's idea. I mean sightseeing is indeed a much better activity than killing the hours on a warm Sunday afternoon by watching drama marathons on Astro or having a four-hour straight afternoon nap, isn't it?

So, off we went. Five adults and two kids, all in one car. About thirty minutes later, we reached our destination.

The Ulu Bendul Recreational Park, Negeri Sembilan.

On our way to find our picnic spot, we were greeted by this pool where people enjoyed the sensation of fresh water from the mountain to swim. Tempting but I don't think I'd jump in though.

The Ulu Bendul's Pool.

So we continued to walk in the 'forest' to find a suitable area for us to sit down and chill.

A giant turtle stone, found on our way to find our picnic spot.

Finally, we found nice concrete benches complete with a table in the middle. Right in front of us was the shallow mountain stream running through the park for us to do a refreshing dip in the water. Behind us was various tall trees.

Our picnic spot.

The view of running stream in front of us.

Our snack and drinks.

Since I tend to refuse any game involving water (I just don't fancy getting wet), initially I rejected my husband's invitation to play water in the stream in front of us. Possible snakes, leeches, worms, insects, giant ants, killer fish, sharp stones and other disgusting and scary stuff that might come out from the water were dancing in my mind like crazy. On the other hand, part of me wanted to be a little bit adventurous. I was a little at war with myself.

Minutes later, after seeing my husband, Mom-in-Law and my Bro-in-Law with his kids came down to the stream, sat in one of the big stones and playfully dipped their feet in the water, I decided to just join them too. I told myself "Hell with all my imaginary creatures, I'm already here. Might as well just go down, play water and get (a bit) wet. Can't just be a bench warmer today."

The somewhat giant and steep stones that we had to go through to enjoy the running stream. 

Me: Nervous. 
Trying to go down to the stream, real slowly and extra carefully.

Rocks and stream.

Ah, I did it! 
This is the farthest point I could go: 50 cm away from the dry area.

In a very hot and sunny day like yesterday, I was expecting warm water when I was about to dip my feet into the stream. I was really surprised to feel the stream's cool water, similar to ice water in fact. It was really refreshing. I wished I had brought my scrub lotion and done my joyful foot scrub sessions there. *JOKING* I know, it's a serious crime to the nature if we pollute the water or forest.

My feet in the water. 

My husband: The transporter.

My Bro-in-Law and 5 y/o niece beat me: They went across.

So, enough with playing water, splashing water here and there and 'showering' our feet, we decided to go up and just chill. My husband created his home-made water bombs, specially prepared to enlighten our picnic agenda.

The home-made water bombs.

Sadly, the girls were crying loudly when my husband started throwing the water bombs to his elder brother. My nieces didn't want their Dad to get hurt from the water bombs! Shortly, we stopped the game and called the picnic a day. By the way, we were responsible adults. We did not litter the park. After bursting the water bombs, we collected the plastic bags and put them in the rubbish bin.

It was nice to experience the nature up close. We should do this once in a while.

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