Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Board Games and Marbles

I bet everybody had played these fun board games during our childhood. There were times when they became so popular and everyone was compelled to be able to play them.

My husband purchased some traditional board games and marbles last week. He wanted to introduce them to the kids when they came over this weekend.

The marbles.

My husband was so proud with his newly bought marbles. I didn't know how to play them and if I recall correctly, I have never developed any interests in playing marbles since I was a kid. To me, marbles are always for boys.

 Our board games.

Our new board games consist of Chinese Checkers, Snake and Ladders, Ludo and some other adventure board games. My all-time favorite is still the Snake and Ladders, the worldwide classic.

We had board and card games with my nieces last night. It was challenging to make the 3 y/o understand the rules of games. She moved a lot and kept on shaking the counter board hence my husband decided to stick the counter board to the floor with adhesive tape. Overall, it was fun Saturday night at home. Lots of laughing and screaming. Luckily, no tears shed last night. I only lasted for two rounds in each game. I never last long playing any games anyway. I get bored pretty fast.

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