Saturday, July 2, 2011

5 Tips in Shopping the Flower Girls' Dresses

Tonight we managed to tick one task in our wedding shopping list. We've settled the dresses for our flower girls, our two nieces. It was a quite fun shopping experience with them since two of them seemed to be very happy being dressed as princesses in the boutique. We, accompanied by Mom-in-Law and the girls' parents, shopped for their dresses and matching hair bands too. When we put the dresses on them to check on the dress's size, they could not stop looking at themselves in the mirror, smiled widely and happily ran around the fitting room area.

Since now I've had the experience in selecting dresses for my flower girls, I'd like to share some tips in shopping the best dresses for the flower girls. Since last week, my husband and I had actually checked some shops and boutiques in town which sell kids' attires and only tonight, we finally found a pair of same dresses that we felt suitable for our cute entourage to wear on our wedding day.

A sneak-peek on the dress that we chose for our flower girls.

5 Tips in Shopping the Flower Girls' Dresses:

1. The material

Comfort is the top priority that we should consider when buying dresses or gowns for kids. As the flower girls, being kid themselves, most likely will be very active during the wedding party, choosing gowns or dresses which are made of light or not too heavy fabric would be the safe bet. The gowns need to be cozy on them. It's also better to choose gowns which are made of wrinkle-free fabric and have less decorating laces. Itchiness due to laces or net cloth in the gown will make the flower girls so uncomfortable in doing their job during our wedding day and this may results in wailing kids throughout the nuptial. And I am sure that every bride and groom want to skip the drama with kids on their wedding day.

2. The design

Having some rough ideas of what the flower girls' dresses that we want to have before hitting the shops or boutiques would be helpful. Little girls love to being pretty and be dressed like princesses so choosing some glamour-designed gowns for them for this occasion would be just fine. Some people, though, prefer to have simple flower girls' gowns so the girls can still use them for other occasions post the wedding. Hence, design wise, it's really personal.

3. The price

Set the budget for the flower girls (if we are buying the dresses for them). We don't want to be too overboard with luxurious flower girls' gowns as likely they'd only be worn once or twice as kids usually grow up very fast and so does their body size. We can check online or pay a visit to some local shops and boutiques for the dress prices and buy the ones we like that are within the budget and without undermining the quality, of course. When circumstances allow, try to negotiate for discounts when buying them.

4. The color

The dress color better matches the overall party's theme color or the bride's gown. I chose white gowns for my flower girls as I found white dresses are very elegant, even for kids, and pretty neutral for any weddings.

5. The size 

Not too tight, not too lose. Otherwise, the dresses would not look so nice on the girls and they would not be so comfortable in wearing them either. Be sure to bring the girls to the shops or boutiques before we buy the dresses for them just to make sure that the dresses fit nicely on them. This way, in case the dresses are not returnable to the shops, we won't waste our money by buying wrong dresses for the girls.

Now that we have bought the dresses and hair bands for our flower girls, my husband and I still need to buy some matching shoes for them.

With all the preparations pretty much done for our flower girls, my only wish for them would be no tantrum and minimum tears shed when they perform their 'flower girl duties' during our wedding reception. *fingers crossed*

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