Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shopping for the Wedding in Malaysia: Part 1

Apparently I don't have to wait until my wedding in Indonesia is over to start shopping some stuff for my wedding in Malaysia. My husband and I had an afternoon shopping spree with his Mom and his brother's family to purchase some things for our upcoming wedding in Malaysia this September.

Here are the things that were thrown into our shopping cart today:

Flower girl basket, fake flowers, net cloth, ribbons and confetti shooters.

1. Pink net cloth and some pink ribbons to decorate our house.

2. Fake flowers for additional wedding car decoration.

3. Confetti shooters for our wedding toast (no fireworks).

4. Wicker flower girl baskets.

My Mom-in-Law will be the one who decorates these flower baskets with some ribbons, laces, small fake flowers and net cloth.

5. Flower bracelets for the bridesmaids.

Flower bracelets.

6. Traditional Chinese red cloth to be hung in the main doors of the groom and bride's houses.

7. Chinese Double Happiness (喜喜) wedding stickers to be put in the main doors, bridal chamber and best men' cars.

The traditional Chinese red cloth and wedding stickers.

That's all for today. More to come in the coming weeks.

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