Saturday, June 25, 2011

One Month to Go for My Wedding Day in Indonesia

Time flies. A year ago, I thought that my actual wedding day was really still far away and there was nothing much to be worried. I could just relax, shake my legs and think about wedding preparations later. Now, it's slightly less than one month to go until my wedding day in Indonesia and there are indeed plenty of things to worry, think and seriously arrange. 

Thus far, with the assistance from my parents and the Wedding Organizer that we hired, things are pretty much intact but my husband and I still need to do a lot of coordination from where we live now, Malaysia. Long-distance wedding coordination is bad and good. Bad that there are often communication breakdowns in the middle as we can't monitor everything directly and good that we don't have to hear too much comments and demoralizing opinions from some busy bodies if we were back home. Tell me I'm cruel but it's true.

Here are some checklists that I've been busy doing in the past week just to make sure that things are okay at this point of time. There are not much updates but at this stage, I do more intense long-distance monitoring on my wedding planning via phone to my parents and via chat rooms or emails to my wedding organizer.

Step 22.  Ensuring that the Invitee List is Ready 

I have prepared the names and addresses of some of my friends that I plan to invite to my wedding during my last visit to Indonesia. At this time, my parents have apparently fixed their guest list and jotted the names down in the invitation cards too. Many thanks to both of them! Now, they aim to start distributing those cards in two weeks from now or two weeks from my actual wedding day. We find that two weeks before the D-Day is the ideal time to distribute the invitation cards because lesser than that means too close to the wedding day and longer than that creates higher risks for the guests to forget our wedding date or perhaps lose the invitation cards.

Next to-do-list:
  • Create the seating arrangements at the restaurant for the guests according to the guest list.
  • Start distributing the invitation cards personally or by snail mail to those who live out of town in two weeks time.

Step 23. Coordinating with Wedding Organizers on the Band Arrangement

Band is a critical element to my wedding celebration in Indonesia. According to the plan and traditions, some of our guests will contribute some songs at the wedding. Hence, I really need to make sure that I have all the guests' names that plan to sing a song at my wedding and their preferred song titles too. For this, as my wedding organizer is my contact point with the Band, I make sure that I want the Band to prepare a set time before the D-Day for my guests to rehearse the songs. I let the Band know in advance any new songs that the guests plan to sing. High chance is that the Band would not know the latest Hit Songs that some guests would like to sing so it's best to preempt them and let them get familiar and practice the new songs before rehearsing with the guests. By right, rehearsing at the studio with the Band is free of charge.

Next to-do-list:
  • Keep an eye on the name list that plan to contribute the songs and make sure the band is informed on the list
  • Be aware of the fixed rehearsal schedule and make sure it goes fine

Step 24. Collecting the Wedding Souvenirs

In Indonesia, we ought to give wedding souvenirs to our guests. One invitation card holder will receive one souvenir. Last week, my Mom updated me that she already got my wedding souvenirs ready at home with the mini souvenir cards pasted on each of them too.

Next to-do-list:
  • Pass the souvenirs to the Wedding Organizer's office few days before the D-Day so they can bring them to the restaurant and arrange the souvenir distribution by our wedding receptionist personnel (who are usually our own cousins or relatives) 
I think the above are some wedding preparation things held my attention recently. There are, of course, more wedding details for me to monitor and coordinate in the next four weeks or so.

Initially, my husband and I planned to fly to Indonesia with our family and relatives from Malaysia only two days before the D-Day. However, I got nervous with all the preparations and decided to come to Indonesia with my husband a week before our wedding day just to make sure that we don't miss anything.

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