Monday, June 20, 2011

Baking Cornflakes Crunch Cookies

I bought 'Cookies Wonderland' book when I was in Batu Pahat over the last weekend. As usual, after buying a cooking or baking book, I felt compelled to try at least one of the recipes from the book ASAP. After flipping the book over and over again, carefully studying and analyzing one and each of the recipe in the book, I decided to try making some cookies for festivals, Cornflakes Crunch Cookies (albeit the fact that the next Chinese New Year is still far away).

I chose to bake these cornflakes cookies because I already had most of the ingredients available at home (except for the cornflakes but my supportive husband purposely drove me to Tesco just to purchase some cornflakes right before I started baking yesterday afternoon - Wasn't he so sweet?). Moreover, I have not really polished my skill in decorating cookies with royal icing or melted chocolate just yet. So, I thought, cornflakes cookies would be my safe bet.

The cornflakes cookies final results: Not so golden brown as in the book.

Cornflakes Crunch Cookies


Group A:

100gr Unsalted butter/margarine
1 tsp Vanilla Essence
70gr Icing Sugar
1 Egg

Group B:
100gr All-purpose flour
2gr Baking Powder
30gr Corn flour

Group C:
120 gr Crushed corn flakes
100gr Oats (I omitted the oats but added almond powder instead)


1. Beat Group A until fluffy and light.
2. Sift Group B and fold in lightly with Group C until become dough.
3. Roll the dough into small balls and place onto a greased tray.
4. Bake for approximately 20 minutes with temperature of 180 degree Celcius.
5. Decorate with melted chocolate when the cookies are completely cool (optional).

Honestly, I thought baking these cookies would be easy but I had problem in imagining the part when I had to mold the cookies as the final dough result was pretty wet and sticky. For my first batch, I just used two spoons to roll the dough into small balls but the results were not round and solid enough. I panicked to see my first batch cookies turned out of shape when baked. For my second batch, I rolled the dough into small balls with my hands. The dough was quite wet to roll but it was possible to mold it into small balls with hands. Then, I quickly browsed in the internet to check the various looks of cornflakes cookies. Seemingly, cornflakes cookies are meant to be quite shapeless. I was quite relieved. Mine was normal.

Actually, the dough of these cookies already smelled so fragrant even before I started baking, let alone when the cookies were put in a hot oven. The taste of the cookies was quite acceptable and I liked the crunchy cornflakes feeling in the cookies. My husband thinks I didn't put enough cornflakes on the cookies, though. Since he mentioned this, I might have to add some more corn flakes next time I bake these again. Lastly, presentation wise, I was not so happy with the results. I think I need some more practice on this department.

Anyhow, I munch at least one cookie everyday. Sweet-tooth syndrome.


  1. Ive always wanted to bake cornflakes cookies, esp after visiting relatives during Cny! Simply delicious but ive been a major procrastinator! Nonetheless, good that u share this recipe so hopefully ill get to try it out one day...soon!(;

  2. Hi, thanks for dropping by. Yes, you should try baking these cookies and let me know your results. The're actually not so difficult to prepare. Good luck!

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