Thursday, June 23, 2011

Exploring Pasar Malam in Taman Bukit Blossom, Seremban

Thursday is the Pasar Malam (Night Market) day for Taman Bukit Blossom in Seremban. This particular night market is the one that my husband and I usually fancy visiting because it's only about five minutes drive away from where we live. It is weekly held along the street in front of the shop-houses in Taman Bukit Blossom area. To break the routines, on some Thursday evenings, I ask my husband to take me to this Pasar Malam to buy some snacks or dinner. Actually at Pasar Malam, there are not only food sellers making a living but also people selling clothes, toys, cooking utensils, CDs, fresh vegetables and many other things. To my understanding, the sellers at Pasar Malam rotate around different neighborhoods on different days of the week

Why I love the Pasar Malam in Taman Bukit Blossom, Seremban? It's because of their cheap food galore. Period.

Pasar Malam in Taman Bukit Blossom, Seremban: Just started.

Although I have seen some night markets in Indonesia, Amsterdam, Singapore and some other parts of Malaysia before but I was so determined in showcasing the one in Taman Bukit Blossom, Seremban largely due to the food choices that the local sellers offer.

To payback last night's photo mishaps, I forced my husband to bring his camera to the Pasar Malam this evening. He objected. Big time! He was super embarrassed carrying around a camera at a night market, let alone taking the food pictures in the Pasar Malam for me. Since my husband refused to take pictures at the Pasar Malam, I decided to snap the photos myself. Every five people that I walked passed at the market looked at me and the camera hanging on my neck. And so did the food sellers. But I ignored. I held strong my motto: "Bear the two seconds of embarrassment and freeze all the pictures I need for my blog". I told my husband, if anybody ever asked why I was taking picture at a night market like this one, just tell them off that either I was a tourist or a journalist from random local newspaper making a news report. Err.. Actually, nobody asked.

Here are the glimpse of the food galore that often makes me salivate when Thursday is in the corner. They are relatively cheap, good and sinful. **Long post!**

 Taiwanese Deep-Fried Chicken: Bought at RM 6.5 per pack.

Pop Corn Chicken.

Popiah: Bought at RM 1.6 per roll.

Popular Cold Drinks and Hot Desserts.

Taiwan Sausage: Bought Honey Sausage at RM 1.80 each.

 This what makes the sausage tastes better: Barbecued first.

 Economic Bee Hon or Noodles: Bought at RM 1.5 per portion.

 Various Fried Snacks.

 Bought the Fried Prawn Cake at RM 1 each,

Chinese Kuih.

Carrot Cake: Bought at RM 3.60 per portion.

 Bubble Tea.

 Chicken Satay.

 Penang Fruit Rojak.

Nasi Ayam (Malay Chicken Rice).

Look at these bakery stalls! They have colossal selections of biscuits, breads and cakes for a weekly night market, don't they?

Various Biscuits.

Various Breads.

 Chiffon Cakes: Still in the cake tins!

Various Layer Cakes.

 Long stretch of short cakes and tarts indeed.

 Other types of layer cakes.

 Asam Laksa: My next target.

Siew Pao.

One fun thing about food shopping frenzy at Pasar Malam is because we can afford to be greedy. After one round circling the market, we usually end up buying heck lots of foodstuff without realizing that we would be able to finish them later on.

As a buyer, I guess the usual mantras at Pasar Malam would be: I want this. I want that. Oh, I want this too. And that also. 

My husband and I spent about RM 16 buying various food for dinner this evening. In the end, I could not finish everything. I ate a bit of this and that. Even my husband could not clear all the food we bought either. Crazy.

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