Sunday, May 22, 2011

Astrid and Michael's Wedding

Finally I'm back to the blogosphere after more than two-weeks of blogging abstinence during my long holiday at my hometown.

As written in my to-do-list, one of the first important things to do when I visited my hometown, Malang, was to attend Astrid and Michael's wedding celebration. Astrid is my BFF since my university years and the two of us do still keep in touch although we both are geographically separated since five years ago. Both my husband and I were so delighted to witness Astrid's big day in Malang and elated to meet few of my university friends again during the party.

To me, Astrid's wedding was a very elegant and enjoyable garden wedding celebration held at Taman Indie Resto, Araya, just few minutes drive away from my parents' house. The wedding celebration started pretty on-time as scheduled. Everything ran smoothly and was beautifully organized. As expected, my best friend looked so gorgeous that night. Like any bride should do on her wedding day, she just could not stop sharing her pretty smile all night long. I was so happy for her.

 Her favorite color: The 'Baby Blue' theme of Astrid's wedding backdrop.

My husband and I left the camera at home so for the mini reunion session with my friends, we heavily relied on my iPhone for pictures. In terms of the photo quality, the results we got were not so great, nevertheless, they were better than nothing at all. It's really been a while since we saw each other especially since some of us decided to earn a living overseas after graduation. It was really great to meet all of them again, get introduced to their partners and do all the catch ups about our current lives and whereabouts.

All the way from Singapore, Malaysia and Surabaya: 
Ex-IBM Petra 2002 alumnus mini reunion at Astrid's Wedding in Malang.

Me with Ayrin, Lukas and Shandra.

The couple photo taken before leaving Astrid's wedding celebration.

Me posing with Astrid's wedding guest book and reception table: Classy?
Since we don't get to see each other that often, after all of us left Astrid's wedding celebration, we decided to find another place to sit down and catch up again before we called it for a night. To some of us, 7th of May 2011 was indeed a lovely Saturday.

My last words for the happy and lovely newlyweds, Astrid and Michael - Congratulations on your wedding and I wish you both a very happy and blessed marriage life. I can't wait to see Astrid/Michael Junior to come to this world next year.
There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.
~ Martin Luther~

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