Monday, May 23, 2011

Marrying A Malaysian: How to Get the Extension of Visit Pass (Part 1)

It's almost exactly six months since I first obtained my long-term visit pass in Malaysia. About six months ago, I was granted a long-term (social) visit pass and multiple entry visa in Malaysia as a spouse of Malaysian citizen. As previously mentioned, the very first time long-term visit pass in Malaysia is only valid for six (6) months (probation period). For the second time application (extension of visit pass) which I did today, the pass that I get will be valid for one (1) year. This being said, I only need to worry about my visa in Malaysia and deal with all the immigration paperwork again next year. 

The processes to extend the long-term visit pass in Malaysia are pretty much the same as in the initial processes in obtaining the visit pass in Malaysia but much simpler, cheaper and faster (the whole ordeals can be settled in 1-2 working days). All I need to do few days (or a couple of weeks) before my visit pass expires is to drop by the local Wisma Persekutuan (Immigration Office) in Malaysia and get the required forms to apply the extension of visit pass from the Visit, Pass and Permit Counter. No specific documents required when obtaining these forms from the Immigration Office but to play safe it is better to bring our passport and Malaysian spouse's identification card along.


Three forms required for Extension of Visit Pass in Malaysia.

1. Application for Extension of Visit Pass Form (Permohonan Lanjutan Pas Lawatan)
There are not much documents needed to complete this form and not much challenges faced either in filling in this particular form. Some important information that we need to know in filling in this form are, for instance, our (foreigners') passport details, date of marriage and serial number of the marriage certificate issued by the Malaysian Government.

2. Surat Akuan Form
To complete the Surat Akuan form, other than filling in the information in the paper, we also need to get a stamp from a local Commissioner of Oaths (Peguam Bela dan Peguam Cara). My husband and I went to get the stamp from the same local Commissioner of Oaths who stamped my Security Bond form six months ago. As usual, our Commissioner of Oaths also helped us check the details of the Surat Akuan form that we've filled. To complete this form, we are required to paste the couple's passport photos in the form so make sure that we got these ready too. 
Required working days: Almost immediate
Fee: RM 8 cash 
Result: Authorization stamp and signature from Commissioner of Oaths in the Surat Akuan form

3. Permohonan Untuk Visa Form
This form is also quite straightforward to be completed. Not much challenges faced in filling in the form.

In conclusion, after we have all the above-mentioned three forms completed, we can just submit the papers to the nearby Immigration Office. At this point, it is important to bring the foreigner spouse's passport document and Malaysian spouse's identification card for verification. Foreigners would need to leave their passport books in the immigration office for one day for further process and pick the passport books (with the new long-term visit pass and multiple-entry visa stickers) on the next day. 


Total required forms to complete: Three (3) -- see above
Supporting required documents: Two (2) i.e. Passport and Identification Card
Required working days: One (1) day
Total Fee: RM 8 cash (the fee for Commissioner for Oaths), RM 90 cash (the fee for extending the visit pass) and RM 15 (the fee of multiple entry visa). 
The immigration officer informed us that once foreigners are granted with the long-term (social) visit pass, it is best if they also apply for the multiple entry visa in Malaysia. Should they fail to do so, in the case whereby they leave Malaysia, they will not be able to re-enter this country during the granted long term (social) visit period. This means foreigners would have to stay put in Malaysia during the course stated in their passports. In any event of failure to re-enter Malaysia with this visa, the penalty incurred is RM 515. Therefore, don't forget to top up RM 15 for the multiple-entry visa when applying the visit pass in Malaysia.
Result: (1) year of social visit pass and multiple-entry visa in Malaysia

So that's about it. Obtaining the Extension of (Social) Visit Pass in Malaysia is obviously less dramatic and less costly than obtaining the Visit Pass for the first time. Another note on the long-term (social) visit pass in Malaysia - after we are granted with this pass, whenever we leave and enter Malaysia, the immigration officers in the airports will still stamp our passport books until we obtain the Malaysian PR status. 

In addition, I also learned from the immigration officer at LCCT airport on last Sunday that since I am currently holding the Malaysia's long-term (Social) Visit Pass, now I can queue at the "Malaysian" immigration clearance counters in Malaysia's airports with my husband. No need to get the immigration stamp from the "Foreigner" counters in the airports which usually have longer queue.

** Please note that this information is based on my personal experience and subject to change in accordance with any amendments to the rules and regulations from the Malaysian Immigration Department.


  1. Thank you for sharing this information. It is really helpful :)

  2. Thank You so much for sharing. This is really helpful and ease a lot of stress too. I hope you can apply and get PR soon. I myself also applying for PR but am in a totally different category from you.

  3. Hi Christine

    I renewed my Long term social visit pass in august 2011 for 2 years. I could go up to 5 years but due to my pr application the immigration officer adviced against that because he thought a 5 year visa is a waste of money in my case.
    According to the immigration officer who helpt me a pr application takes about 18 months to complete.
    If you got the option for a multiple year extension of your long term social visit pass you only have to go through the hassle once and pay only once for all the required documents but you have to pay for each year at once when you get your passport back after the application in my case less than 1 day in my case I pay RM90 per year including multiple entry visa so for my 2 year extension I paid RM180

  4. Hi, I googled on spouse visa and came across your post. Thanks for sharing the experience. My husband is a British and we will need to go through all these as well. Your explanation is very detailed and easy to understand. Thank you so much for posting this!

    1. Thank you! Good luck with your husband's visa application.

  5. with first LTVP, I must pay 1500rm deposit, 600rm for SINGLE ENTRY
    VISA, 90 rm for visa fee,200 rm gor photos n documents, total, 2390 rm!
    But it is not good when officer only apply for me SINGLE ENTRY PASS eith high fee. now i re- entered Malaysia 1 time, don't know this time must pay palenty money or not, so bad!!!
    tks for ur helpful info.
    how much for applying MULTI ENTRY VISA first time?

  6. Hi christine,

    Can the visit pass extension be done in other local immigration offices besides kl? Say miri. Would be helpful if you knew but thank you for this informative post.

    1. I would think so. Perhaps you should check with them?

  7. Many thanks. I am going to renew my son's visa next week. Now I can figure out what any documents to prepare. And I can also prepare for my own visa renewal next year. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Im going to married a kashmir (India) guy in august. we suppost to married in june but due to many procedure we have to complete the requirement as going to ambassy in delhi and malaysia and we have this 2 month only going many places and flight to fulfill the requirement cz we going to married in malaysia. I just need help how for my husband to extend his 30 day visit pass to more longer a year or up to 5 year. as now we only have to go out country for stampping and we have spend much money only 2 extend his visa.


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