Friday, May 27, 2011

Getting Ready for the Wedding Day in Indonesia: Two Months to Go from the D-Day

When I went home to my hometown earlier this month, I was determined to settle my wedding preparations as much as I could. With my parents' constant assistance, my husband and I tried to tie some loose ends with several wedding vendors so the next time we fly to Indonesia, which is for the Wedding Day itself, everything are pretty much under controlled. We rely so much on my parents to get all the things done.

Step 17. Collecting and Double Checking the Wedding Invitation Cards 

A glimpse of my wedding invitation card.

Before I came home, my Dad has sort of rushed the wedding invitation card supplier to finish the cards ASAP as I needed to bring some of the cards back to Malaysia. Thanks to my Dad, few days after my arrival to Malang, my invitation cards were ready for collection and we picked them up. When we collect the cards from the supplier, it is best if we double check the final products first before carrying them home and also confirm whether other additional cards that might be needed for the wedding day itself are already packed. These additional cards can be in the form of a simple map of the wedding venue, tea ceremony invitation cards for the family, pass gate cards to prevents uninvited people having some free-dining experience at our wedding celebration and thank you cards for the souvenirs. Generally, all these additional cards would be given to us without additional charge.

Next to-do-list:
  • Collect the prearranged additional cards from the printer
  • Finalize the guest list, make sure all the guest information is correct and insert additional cards into the wedding invitation card accordingly
  • Distribute the wedding invitation cards (usually 2-3 weeks before the actual wedding day)
    Step 18. Dress Fitting, Make-Up and Hair-Do Testings with the Bridal House

    As per initially arranged, I came back to the bridal house with my high-heel shoes to do the wedding dress fitting again. It is important to bring the shoes that are sure going to be worn on the wedding day during this dress fitting session thus the bridal house can do the necessary alterations with the dress, which hopefully would be the final one.

    Choosing the color of my eye shadow for the wedding day.

    I also utilized this opportunity to do the make up and hair do testings. For bride's make-up, the most important thing is actually in the eye's part. The make-up artist put two different colors of eye shadow on my eyes and asked me to choose which color I prefer for the wedding day.

    Doing the Wedding Hairstyle Testing.

    The appointed hairdresser also did the hair-do testing on me to confirm on the hair style that I want to have on my wedding day. I was also made to choose few hair accessories that suited my preference, chosen wedding hair style and dress. During this time, it is important to give feedbacks and share our vision of the bride's look to both make-up artist and hair dresser. The whole ordeals at the bridal house can easily consume 3-4 hours. Therefore, it's good to prepare our partner or whoever accompanying us to the bridal house to bring some entertainment tools like comic books, PSP, etc. Also, it is best to take photos of the color of the eye-shadow and hair-do that we have chosen since chances are the make-up artist and hair-dresser would forget the details that we have selected a month or few weeks before our D-Day.

    Next to-do-list:

    • Maintain my body weight so my wedding dress would fit just nice like the last time I fitted it

    Step 19. Preparing the VIP guest and Family-in-Charge list for the Wedding

    In Chinese custom weddings, Tea Ceremony is one of the significant parts of the wedding celebration. Both bride and groom are expected to serve tea to some elderly members in the family as an official introduction of the new family member and a sign of respect. To ensure that this ceremony runs smoothly and in order, we have to create a list of family members' names to be invited for this tea ceremony and pass this list to the Wedding Organizer. On the D-Day, this Wedding Organizer will make sure that all the invited family members come earlier for the Tea Ceremony and call their names in an orderly manner as per stated in the name list during the session.

    Other lists that we need to share with the Wedding Organizer are usually the names of the family members to be seated in the VIP table with the bride and groom (20 names), names of family member who is in charge to greet the guests before the wedding celebration starts (2 couples), names of the persons who will stand by the reception table (numbers vary in accordance to the size of the wedding celebration), name of the family member who will be the contact person of the Wedding Organizer during the Wedding day (1 name), name of the person who will be involved during the Tea Ceremony (1 name) and names of the guests who will be called for the photo session with the bride and groom at the event. It's important to be in touch with all the family members that we plan to involve at our wedding proceedings before we assign their names to any particular task. Make sure they are available and willing to do the roles.

    Step 20. Proofreading the Wedding Itinerary from the Wedding Organizer

    When I passed the required name lists to the wedding organizer, I actually went to their office directly to give the list, discuss all the pending issues and check on our wedding preparation progress so far. After I passed them the name lists, few days later, the wedding organizer sent me my wedding itinerary to give me some insights on the wedding celebration's proceedings. At this point, my tasks were to double check and inform the Wedding Organizer on any typos, orders of the proceedings, time table, vendors involved and so on, before they finalize the itinerary and distribute it to the related parties.

    Next to-do-list:
    • Attend the technical meeting with the Wedding Organizers, both sides' parents and all wedding vendors on the set time few days before the actual Wedding Day.
    • Finalize the seating arrangements for the guests, especially for the family members
    • Bring the original DVD containing the pre-wedding photos for display at the wedding (although I've submitted the DVD copy for the wedding organizer)

    Step 21. Getting Back in Touch with Other Wedding Vendors

    Just to make sure that everything is in order, it's advisable that we get in touch with all the wedding vendors once in a while. My parents, husband and I purposely made an arrangement to meet the sales manager of our wedding venue again to ensure that everything was okay i.e. guest rooms are booked, catering is settled, wedding time is fixed, venue for tea ceremony is confirmed, etc. 

    Furthermore, few weeks back, I often had this weird feeling over one of my wedding vendors. I just felt worry and uneasy all the time about his preparation. I decided to give him a quick call and during our conversation, I discovered that there were some logistics issues that I was not made aware beforehand and they would incur me additional costs. I was not happy with that news and decided to end the working relationship with him on that very day. In only two months time before my wedding day, I had to vigorously seek another vendor to replace him and fortunately, I got one! If this case happens, do not hesitate to fight for the down-payment money refund, especially when there is no prior black-and-white agreement on the job and payment terms. 

    There was drama, indeed, during this preparation but I guess it happens and could not be helped. All we need to do is to focus and think forward on how to get all the things done and in order. It's our wedding anyway and we don't want anyone to mess it up.

    Two months to go and this wedding is getting on my nerves. Nonetheless, I'm still enjoying the ride in preparing my wedding as it only happens once in a lifetime.


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