Saturday, May 28, 2011

Double Date Dinner at Cafe Bunga Bali, Malang

During my holiday, my husband and I had the chance to casually meet up with the newlyweds/best friends, Astrid and Michael, sometime after their wedding celebration. I was literally jubilant to see and have some good chat again with my BFF, Astrid, after the last time I saw her last year. Initially, we headed to a steak restaurant in MX Malang Square, but after some considerations, we chose to leave the place.

Astrid and Michael decided to take both of us to their favorite restaurant in Malang instead, Cafe Bunga Bali. It's an upscale, classic and romantic restaurant in Malang that serves western cuisines. Their food is really worth the price and the restaurant's ambiance is really suitable for a romantic dinner, thanks to the live music too. I recall that once upon a time I had my debut visit to this restaurant, say like 10 years ago, to celebrate a friend's sweet 17th birthday party. It was really long time ago. Pathetic, isn't it? I am technically a Malang resident, was born and grew up there, but don't really know much about the good food there other than the food from regular dining places that my family has been enjoying for years.

A glass of succulent Strawberry Milk Shake: Sinful but heavenly.

Nice painting, eh?

Both Astrid and Michael introduced Cafe Bunga Bali's Rösti to me, their favorite dish. They were right, it was scrumptious. Too bad I can't remember this dish's exact name by now but the Rösti was served with spinach, cheese and shrimps. My husband opted to try their beef lasagna. The food was really good and I'll definitely come back for that one again next time.

My Spinach and Shrimp Rösti: Delish.

The double date memorabilia.

Gee, we talked and talked and talked during the dinner. We were, as if, updating each other with summaries of our one-year lives over a two-hour dinner. It was a really nice catch up though and we should do it more, especially Astrid and me (just like our crazy university years). 

Hey, Astrid and Mike, thanks for the dinner treat! The dinner was really good and you both were really kind to us. Hope to see you both dropping by to Malaysia soon, We'd love to take you around and introduce you some good local food too here.

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