Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Checking out the Museum Satwa, Jatim Park II

Museum Satwa (Animal Museum) is a new recreation center located in Batu, East Java - about 1 hour drive away from my hometown, Malang. As part of Jatim Park II, together with the Batu Secret Zoo, this place is kind of iconic for tourism spot in Malang area.

During my holiday, I had a couple of close friends, Lukas and Ayrin, visiting Malang thus on one Sunday morning, four of us took the chance to visit the much-buzzed Jatim Park II. After getting lost in Batu for quite some time and stopping by many times to ask directions of Jatim Park II from the local people in Batu, finally we reached our destination. On weekends, the entrance ticket for both Museum Satwa and Batu Secret Zoo is priced at Rp. 50,000,- (about S$ 7) per pax. Not that pricey, right?

The ticket counter at Jatim Park II.

From outside, complete with those white tall pillars, the museum building looks so majestic and resembles the American Museum of Natural History. Shame, we didn't take photo with the museum building since that Sunday as the sky was pouring hard like mad for hours. Museum Satwa hosts preserved animals and replicas of animal kingdom from various continents, including the prehistoric animal skeleton replicas. The preserved animals are kept in dioramas. Each diorama gives the glimpse of the original habitat of some particular preserved animals.

My husband and I took tons of photos of the animals and us with the animals. I had a hard time filtering the photos and deciding which ones to post in this blog. I managed to make up my mind and here are some of them:

Husband posing with the collection of various Australian birds.

 Replica of Stegosaurus' skeleton.

The preserved Ostriches and me.

 This is not a painting. 
This is a preserved moose with a forest painting as the backdrop.
 Preserved beavers with their dams. 

 Can't remember the name of these animals.

The Insectarium: Preserved butterflies.

A really pretty preserved butterfly that caught my attention.

A preserved reptile from Australia.

One of the preserved aquatic animal collections: Arapaima Gigas.
Creepy: Don't you think the face looks like a ghost? 

 Me and the Komodo Dragon: Never been this close.

Arctic Collections: The Polar Bears.

Seen X-Men before? This is the real-life Wolverine.
Some information about this museum that I read from their official website: This museum was built by Lembaga Konservasi Ex-Situ Satwa Liar. Therefore, all the preserved animals available in this museum are not from animals which were purposely hunted then killed for the displays. Instead, this museum preserves the already dead animals.

All in all, I thought visiting animal museum would be generally boring but my prejudiced perspective was wrong. This museum is presented in modern, organized, educative and recreational manners. I was kind of impressed and proud with the fact that my hometown hosts this international-scale museum. Old and young can have fun whilst enriching their knowledge about the glorious animal kingdom.

No wonder this place is always packed with visitors.

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