Friday, April 15, 2011

Three Easy Ways in Planting Vegetables: Lettuce

A couple days ago I had a morning walk around the neighborhood with my husband to get some breakfast. On our way to the food stall, I saw somebody grew lettuces in his front yard. His lettuces looked so green, fresh and crunchy. I kept on eyeing his lettuces and envied the lettuces in his garden. I immediately told my husband that I want to grow lettuces too at home.

This afternoon, my husband took me to Giant in Senawang and shopped for my lettuce seeds, a big square pot and 3 packs of organic soil. The seller said that it is better to use organic soil for planting vegetables as it won't get so hard later on. Lettuce seed is sold at RM 2/pack, the square pot is sold at RM 26 each and organic soil is sold at RM 2/pack.

Here are the three easy ways get started in growing lettuce or any other vegetables from seeds:

1. In the evening or early morning, when the sun was not too hot, start preparing the soil bed for the lettuce seeds in the pot. A square pot like this needs about two packs of soil to fill.

 The lettuce seed packet ready to grow.

Organic soil for vegetables planting.

2. Once the soil bed was ready, spread few lettuce seeds in one hole.
    I think I created about five wholes in this pot.

This is how the lettuce seeds look like. 
They look like aquarium fish food.

3. Give some water into the pot once done with the planting the seeds.
    In the next three to five days, I hope to see some seedlings or baby lettuces in this pot.

Lettuce: Day 0.

When I was at the garden shop this afternoon, I actually learned something about the square pot that I bought. I am not so familiar with flower pot brands but I heard that Baba brand is quite reliable and famous in Malaysia. The shop owner also explained to my husband and I that this square pot actually has a drainage function too. This watering feature is actually the white plastic plug located in the bottom side of the pot. When we unplug this white plastic plug, we can fill in water to the bottom of the pot by using water hose then plug it in again. This way, the plants will have enough water supply for 3-4 days. This feature is perfect when we are away from home for few days. Once we do this, we don't have to sweat about having dry plants anymore when travelling.

The plug for pot drainage.

This label shows how the plant water itself these days.

The pot labels on the water feature.

So, this is the new beginning of my vegetables planting efforts from seed and as always, I am excited to see them grow. 

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