Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Checking Out the Highland Apiary Farm, Ringlet, Cameron Highlands

First thing we did when we reached Cameron Highlands was making a stop at a Bee Farm, commonly known as Highland Apiary Farm (HAF), in Ringlet.  Ringlet is the first town to visit when we arrived to Cameron Highlands. It is located about 12 kilometers from Tanah Rata and one of the agricultural hubs in the region.

Highland Apiary Farm in Ringlet.

HAF is one of the three bee farms in Cameron Highlands with free admission. For a new visitor like myself, visiting a bee farm is a novelty. I was actually expecting bees buzzing around the place and beekeepers dressed in their special protection cloths maintaining bee colonies in hives. Not sure why at the time we visited there was no display of how local honey is cultivated in this farm. What I saw in this farm was actually a shop selling honey and honey-derived products and other souvenirs, mini displays fully protected of honey beekeeping, strawberry patch and flowers nursery.  Seemingly, bee farms in Cameron Highlands combine some other form of tourists' attractions to make their places more interesting, not a mere place to watch bees buzz around.

Bees at Highland Apiary Farms. Photo credit by my husband.

I was not too interested with the bees so I proceeded with walking around the farms taking pictures of the strawberries and their beds of flowers.

Pretty orchids I captured.

Checking out the mini strawberry farm.

Me in front of the Gomphrenas.

 Pretty Gomphrenas. Photo taken by my husband.

Husband and I in front of the sunflower nursery.

The Sunflower I captured.

In the end, we didn't buy anything nor learn anything new about bees in this bee farm but our first stop at this farm made me excited about the whole trip idea since I was about to see lots and lots of pretty flowers ahead.

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