Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Checking Out the Cactus Valley, Cameron Highlands

On Monday morning, right after we checked out from hotel and had breakfast in Tanah Rata, we went to the town of Brinchang in Cameron Highlands. The first place we checked once we were in  Brinchang was the Cactus Valley which hosts many varieties of cactus and whole lot of other flowering plants. The entrance ticket to this place is RM 4/pax. There are also gardening shops near the entry gate and parking lot where I could not resist purchasing some potted flowering plants at relatively cheap price.

Entrance to Cactus Valley.

Many varieties of cactus shown at Cactus Valley.

Massive Echinocactus display. 
This arrangement looks like the Borobudur Temple made of Cactus.

 Funny face with cactus. Take no. 1.

  Funny face with cactus. Take no. 2.

Cactus Flowers.

Mini cactus galore. RM 10 for 3 pots.

As mentioned above, this place is also a home of many flowering plants. I really had a good time walking around this place, admiring the beautiful beds of flowers and taking photos of them.

Pretty Hydrangeas.

Modelling in one of Cactus Valley's garden.

The Bird of Paradise and Me.

In the end, it was a pot of pink of Hydrangea which I brought home from one of Cactus Valley's garden shops. My husband and I felt bad for not giving any business to the other garden shop ran by an Indian man opposite the one we bought the flower plant from. When he noticed we carried a bag of hydrangea pot from his competitor to the parking lot, referring to his hydrangeas, he shouted "Ini tak mau? (You don't want this?) Aiyooo..."

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