Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Checking Out the BOH Tea Garden and Tea Centre, Cameron Highlands

The second place we visited when we arrived in Cameron Highlands was BOH Tea Garden and Tea Center in Fairlie. BOH is the largest tea producer in Malaysia and established the country's first highland tea garden in Cameron Highlands. My husband intended to bring me to the other BOH Tea Garden in Sungei Palas, but somehow we stranded in the other one, Fairlie.

It was pouring real hard that day so once we settled in the tea garden, we had some afternoon snack at BOH's Ummph! Tea Shop/Cafe next to the tea factory. We were told that this BOH Tea Garden is closed for visitation on Monday so we purposely visited this place on Sunday late afternoon. My husband and I arrived at 4.00pm and the cafe and shop close at 4.30pm daily. Just in time.

The BOH Tea Garden's Welcome Board.

Sipping BOH's Raspberry & Strawberry Tea 
whilst eating the Lemon Butter Cake and Strawberry Pie at the cafe.

Captured these striking red lilies whilst waiting for husband buying tea and cakes at the cafe.

Morning Glory found around the tea garden.

I love the yellow color here.

Once the rain stopped, we quickly left the cafe and tried to look around the place. The tea factory for visitation was already closed so we decided to view the humongous tea plantation from above. I never fancy hiking, hence getting to the View Point was indeed one of the 174 meters challenging journeys-to-the-top in my life, full of slippery and steep flight of mud stairs. I needed a help from my umbrella to climb the steps to reach this View Point. I am aging.

Staircases to the top.

My husband, trying to complete the 174m journey to the top of the tea garden.

When we were finally on top, we witnessed the magnificent view of tea mountains!

Me, taking a rest at the view point  with my helper, the umbrella.

Spotted this orange tree at the View Point. Rare.

Modelling in front of the old wooden house found at the View Point.

To conclude, a quote from the Bible on "But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it" indeed represents this trip to the tea garden's View Point best. It was a rough and long journey to the get to the top but once we are there, the reward we get, in this case is the view, is truly amazing.

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