Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Checking Out the Big Red Strawberry Farm, Cameron Highlands

Right beside the Cactus Valley is the Big Red Strawberry Farm, also known as Taman Agro Tourism. It is a one-stop garden and farm center where visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery and have some snacks at the Big Red Cafe at the end of the farm. This place claims to produce the biggest and best strawberries in Cameron Highlands - I am not certain about this statement as I didn't really buy and eat many strawberries in Cameron Highlands. There's no paid ticket required to enter this place and visitors can pick some strawberries at the farm too (not sure how much money we need to pay for this activity).

Big Red Strawberry Farm 's Welcome Board.

I personally feel that strawberry farms everywhere have similar sceneries and there are lots of strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands too.

The strawberry patch at the farm.

Thus, when I visited Big Red Strawberry Farm, instead of admiring their strawberry patch, I was way more interested in checking out their massive hydroponic lettuce farms. The 'green' view was just superb.

The lettuce farm: Green Coral, Red Coral, Romaine and Butterhead.

 Funny face with lettuce.

The Butterhead Lettuce Farm. 
They sell Butterhead Juice too. Care for one, anyone?

Done with checking the farms, we decided to have some snack at Big Red Cafe. We had their fresh strawberry muffin and a bowl of hydroponically-grown strawberry and lettuce salad. The muffin tasted no good but the salad was good.

Self-service salad bar: We can take as much salad as we can at one go but refill is forbidden.

Stacking up lettuces into my bowl.

Our morning snacks: A bowl of salad, a strawberry muffin and a cup of hot chocolate.
All these cost RM 13.

When I ever visit this place again, I'll definitely come for the lettuce scenery and salad.

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