Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thai Food in Seremban

Yesterday noon, my husband took me to a newly opened Thai Food Restaurant nearby. I guess he was concerned with me starting to complain on the food choices in Seremban. Anyway, it was quite a relieve to find a Thai Food restaurant around the neighborhood since it means I'd have more variety in my daily diet now. At least now I can enjoy Thai cuisines once in a while instead of just Chinese food all the way.

The restaurant is called Bai Fen Thai Food Restaurant and located in the shop house stretch around Jalan Nuri Indah in Seremban. It's run by a Chinese man who speaks Chinese and Cantonese. In the beginning, I thought he was the cook too, turned out there were two Thai ladies preparing the dish for us. The place was pretty quiet probably because it's new and Thai food isn't that popular in Seremban.

When we arrived, the Chinese man greeted us and seated us in one of the squared brown tables. On his way to pick the menu books for us, he turned his CD player on and played Thai songs. Since it was our first time there, I thought of just ordering some pretty famous and standard Thai cuisines. I didn't want to take the risk. We couldn't find any mango salad and the man introduced us to try their mixed salad as the appetizer.

 RM 8 - Thai Mixed Salad: Very sour and spicy. 
 Already 30% spiciness level but still tasted burning in the tongue.  
Quite outstanding taste.

 RM 5 - Pineapple Fried Rice: A bit tasteless.

 RM 5 -Pad Thai: OK taste.

Warm Kiwi Juice: Very nice.
I'll definitely get another Kiwi Juice with Ice once I'm done with this flu.

We'd indeed consider coming again and try different Thai dishes in the coming days.

An update - This restaurant apparently has just recently closed down.

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