Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Making Pandan Bread: Baking Failure

Two nights ago, I was inspired by this recipe to make a simple Pandan Bread. From the recipe, making this particular bread looks very simple and it seems to have high chance of baking success. I happened to have all the needed ingredients, so I just hit it. I made some minor modifications from the original recipe though. Instead of using the whole recipe, I used half recipe to save some ingredients (in case I failed). Also, I added on chocolate powder too so we would not have to suffer from Pandan overdose after consuming Pandan flavored cakes for few consecutive days.

Unfortunately, my biggest horror came true. Possibly due to my wrong technique in kneading the bread dough, after I rested the dough for more than one hour, it just didn't develop. Somehow, with the needed amount of flour as per stated in the original recipe, my dough was still so sticky to my fingers.

I was half way through, so I just continued baking it.

These ain't meatballs, people. 

I was supposed to put on egg yolk on top of the bread dough before putting it into the hot oven to give a glazy look on the bread but I skipped it. I just knew this bread would not make it.

Fresh look from the oven.

After 30 minutes sitting in the oven, the bread came out not so fluffy and tasted like a plain flour. It was quite disappointing.

The bread texture.

Eating the bread with fruit jam didn't work well either.

Added some jam on it: Still didn't help much.

On the next morning, the bread's dry texture didn't go away, even after heating the bread in the microwave. My husband and I decided to just throw it away. Sigh! I guess I really have to practice kneading bread dough with hand or else, I'd  have to invest on a bread machine.

It was such a bad baking experience but I think I have to learn from mistake. One day, I want to repeat this recipe once more because it actually has good reviews. I want to prove it.

I'm welcoming kneading or bread/loaf making tips here :-)

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