Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Making Marble Pound Cake

Pound Cake is a traditional cake made with a pound of each of four main ingredients namely flour, butter, eggs and sugar. When making the cake, the basic ingredients' ratio has to be maintained at 1:1:1:1. The quantity of the ingredients used for the cake can be varied depending on the desired cake size, but as long as the 1:1:1:1 ratio is preserved, the cake can be called Pound Cake.

I was browsing random cake recipes this afternoon and bumped into a simple Marble Pound Cake recipe. The original recipe of this Pound Cake attracted me because the ingredients needed are so simple and not too much in quantity. The steps to make this cake are also pretty much straight to the point. I didn't plan to bake anything today but thanks to this recipe, I spontaneously baked something after dinner.

Today's baking attempt: Marble Pound Cake.

Marble Pound Cake


150 gr butter/margarine
150 gr granulated sugar (I used 100 gr only)
150 gr flour
3 whole eggs
1 egg yolk
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp chocolate powder


1. Mix the flour and baking powder in a separate bowl.

2. Mix the butter or margarine until smooth then add in sugar bit by bit. Continue mixing until this batter is well developed and the color is slightly whitened.

3. Add in eggs, one by one,  into the cake batter whilst mixing.

4. Put the flour mix into the cake batter using spatula and slowly mix well.

5. Take about two tablespoons of cake batter, put it in a separate bowl and mix it with chocolate powder.

6. Pour the white cake batter into the loaf mold. Add in the chocolate cake batter on top and create a marble pattern by using chopstick. I didn't have a loaf mold so my cake's end result looked thinner.

7. Put the cake batter in the heated oven (180 C)  for about 20-30 minutes.

Fresh from the oven: The marble pattern I created today.

Overall, I am quite happy and satisfied with my flash baking attempt today. The whole preparation process only took less than 30 minutes of my time. In addition, this time around I used real butter for the cake batter and as a result, the cake aroma was very strong and different from other cakes made with margarine.

The texture of the cake was soft and velvety. I think I desperately need a loaf mold for baking this kind of small-sized cake. My cake result today was just so square, as usual. FYI, it's been a real challenge to find a non-sticky loaf mold that I want here. I just could not find it.


  1. It looks delicious! If you can't find a non-stick mold, try buying a regular mold and just spray it with PAM. :)

  2. Haha, thanks Joan! I have finally found a dept. store selling non-stick cake molds here. I bought 4 of them at one go. Going to ask for your advice on what to do with them.. hehehe...

  3. Great cake... do share a piece with me :)

  4. Hi Olivia,

    Thanks for dropping by, if you are 1km away from my house, I'd definitely share it with you hahaha..

  5. Mmmm, I always requested marble pound cake for my birthday cake when I was growing up in Germany. So many nostalgic connotations :) This looks fabulous!

  6. Your cake looks yummy1 Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. There's nothing better than a slice of rich pound cake with your morning tea. yours looks wonderful.

  8. Very pretty poundcake! I'm horrible at marbling, I don't know why but for some reason I always end up with this ugly mess! I've got to work on that! Yours looks gorgeous :) And delicious!


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