Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Making Mango Pudding

We happened to have mangoes at home and I've been eating mangoes since yesterday. This is like my first time tasting Malaysian mango. Anyway, I feel like I have not been eating mangoes for ages. Seemingly, I have missed mango seasons for more than five years. Mangoes, all imported, were so expensive in Singapore whilst back then in Indonesia, my parents always bought tons of mangoes when the mango season came.

Following are some mango cultivars found in Malaysia.

Waterlily Mangoes.

Elephant Tusk Mangoes.

I bought a pack of mango jelly powder over the weekend and decided to match the real mangoes with mango jelly together, while mango stock lasted. In less than 10 minutes of preparation, I had bowls of mango jelly with mango cubes.

Mango jelly with real mango.

Cooled the jelly in the freezer for a while and this is what I got.


It tasted heavenly... How I miss mango!

Why Malaysia doesn't sell my favorite mango type, Mangga Gadung/ Harum Manis??? What a pity to know that this particular mango family is mostly only grown in East Java.

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