Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Making Garden Salad: I Love Colors on My Plate

I love colors on my food. Aesthetically, colorful food amuses the eyes and it is generally healthy. When I eat I always prefer colorful stuff on my plate, be it on my mixed rice, fish and chips/ chicken chop/ steak or salad. What I mean color here is colors from vegetables not artificial colored food. I like having the orange color from carrots or tomatoes on my plate. I love seeing green color on my food from various green leafy vegetables. I always find yellow color from corn is enlightening any dish. These days I really appreciate restaurants which includes sliced purple cabbage on their salads. Having purple color on your plate is unusual plus unlike normal green/white cabbage, this pretty thing tastes really sweet and crunchy.

Last Saturday after playing badminton at the local sport hall, my husband and I went to supermarket with the intention to buy some cheap sushi. Already grabbed the sushi in the shopping basket, we circled the supermarket's perishables department and ended buying some salad ingredients too. Once we reached home, we ate sushi and prepared salad for dinner. We sliced fresh carrot, organic lettuce, garden rocket leaves, purple cabbage; tossed them with boiled corn kernels in a big bowl, pour some generous amount of Thousand Islands dressing onto it and mixed them all together. No sweet onion or capsicums slices involved here since I find their taste is pretty strong for garden salad and not everybody likes them.

Just now, my husband asked me to make salad again for his afternoon snack with the available ingredients in the fridge. No more lettuce and carrots left so I added in apple cubes and sliced tomatoes instead. I enjoy preparing colorful garden salad, let alone eating it.

Purple cabbage: I love this!

Preparing today's salad: Corn, green cabbage, garden rocket leaves, tomato and apple.

Pretty salad ready to eat.

Speaking of Thousand Island dressing, I guess it's not harmful to keep a bottle of it in the fridge. I really love this dressing topping my big bowl of garden salad, more than any other salad dressings. Just like keeping a jar of ice cream or bars of chocolate in the fridge, you never know when you'd suddenly crave for fresh salad at home, right? Thus, I might be considering in having this particular dressing as must-have fridge inventory from now on.

Some comments on garden salad greens, in the future I guess I won't be adding any garden rocket leaves in my salad mix and use a variety of lettuce cultivars instead. Turned out I don't quite like garden rocket leaves' weird taste although it's price ain't that cheap either. Furthermore, from my finding in Wikipedia, garden rocket leaf or Eruca sativa, which was first grown in Mediterranean area since Roman times, is apparently rich in vitamin C and potassium and considered aphrodisiac. Now that I am aware of the nutrition benefits of this green, still, I refuse to force my fussy pallet to accept this leafy green's rich, peppery taste and exceptionally strong flavor, especially when eaten fresh. Once fussy eater, will still be a fussy eater I reckon.

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  1. Thank you so much forthe lovely garden salad. I just love garden salad its quiet yummy to eat it and having a long lasting taste of it. Here also you have made many of the different kind of salad and i am just ready to eat it. Getting very much excited to eat it.


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