Sunday, March 13, 2011

Garden Makeover

After breakfast, my husband took me to Giant Supermarket in Senawang. He wanted to buy a medium-size pot to separate the pandan and aloe vera plants that we planted the other day. When we arrived, I was excited to see the small flowers that they sell and thought of keeping some at home. They were so fascinating and irresistible.
The gardening shop in front of Giant Senawang.

The flower pot stands they sell.

I quickly fell in love with few of them and made my husband to buy them for me. Minutes later, my husband bought 3 pots of pansy flowers at RM5/pot, 2 pots of mini decorative golden crest trees at RM12/pot and the pots 3-layer stand at RM65. In one single trip, another impromptu shopping cost him RM120 just for gardening stuff.

The flowers and mini trees that caught my attention. 
Minutes later they are mine.

My husband did some rearrangements at the house's front yard. He moved some plants here and there and finally, we got a new look for the house's mini garden. I think the colorful pansies and the mini golden crest trees get along together very well. They look sweet and pretty together.

Latest look at home with the new additions for the green family.

Sorry for making you spending extra money for these 'unnecessary additions' for the garden, my husband. I just could not resist them. :-)

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