Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dropping by Malacca

Last year, I went to Malacca for the second time. Malacca is the third smallest Malaysian state and it is famous for its historic city center. My husband and I took my family from Indonesia to check out Malacca, one of the famous tourist spot in Malaysia and its location is only about one hour away from Seremban. Initially, my siblings lamented about our plan to bring them around Malacca when they were in Malaysia simply because they never heard this place before. At the end of the trip, they craved for more visits to Malacca and kept on begging me to bring them to Malacca again in the future when there is a chance.

First thing when we arrived to Malacca, we took my family for a snack shopping at Tan Kim Hock snack shop, famous for its dodol. As we can see the shop is packed with mountains of local Chinese snack. My mom and sister went crazy over these snacks to bring back to Indonesia.

 My Dad and sister at Tan Kim Hock Product Center Sdn Bhd., Malacca.

Once we were done with shopping, my husband and I planned to bring my family to taste Malacca's famous cendol but they declined the invitation to eat cendol again so we headed to the city center. When we reached Malacca's city center, my family, especially my Mom, was ecstatic to see the heavily decorated bicycle rickshaws with loud music there. Indonesia also has lots of pedicabs as mode of short-distance transportation around the town but we don't really have ones decorated like the ones in Malacca.

Malacca's decorated bicycle rickshaws. Gotta pay to ride.

Moving on, we visited Fort A Famosa, a famous fortress in Malacca constructed by Portuguese back in 1511.

In front of Porta de Santiago's ruins.

My siblings trying to be funny with the canon at the Fortress.

 My brother mimicking the Statue of St. Francis Xavier.

Done with circling and observing the remains of Fort A Famosa, we went back to the city center and prepared to do some souvenirs shopping at the city center.

In front of Malacca's Stadthuys.

In front of Christ Church Malacca.

In the evening, the street stalls along the Jonker Street started to open and we had a long walk exploring this place. We had lots of street snacks and shopped lots of cheap antique souvenirs.

The Jonker Street.

Before we went home, my husband introduced the super famous food from Malacca, Satay Celup. It's similar to steamboat but we dip the boiled ingredients to satay sauce instead of eating it with hot soup. We were supposed to try the Capitol's Satay Celup but the long queue at the restaurant was unbelievable. Luckily we managed to get served at the other restaurant called Ban Lee Siang, also known for its satay celup too.

Malacca's Satay Celup.

Malacca is indeed an interesting place to visit although next time, we'd probably would just go there for its cuisines as I feel that once we visited its historical city center, there would be not much to explore again.

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