Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dropping by Genting Highlands

One day before my family left for Indonesia, we took them to visit Genting Highlands, about one hour from Kuala Lumpur by driving. Genting is a very famous destinations in Malaysia due to its casinos and crisp air so somehow we had to show this place off to my family when they visited Malaysia.

On our way to check the main attractions in Genting, we made a stop at the large temple built by Genting's founder. I usually never really enjoy exploring temples but I was very impressed with this particular temple. I remember I really enjoyed taking a stroll and pictures there with my family. This 清水 temple has giant Buddha and Guan Yin statues, pagoda, lots of statues of some historical characters and stories such as the seven levels of tortures in hell, the journey to the west (西游记), the eight immortals (八仙), etc.

The pagoda at the Genting 清水Temple.

Me and my Dad with the giant Buddha statue in the background.

Journey to the West with Sun Wukong.

My parents with Monk Xuanzang.

Taking photo with giant statue of Guan Yin.

Moving on, we headed to Resort World Genting to have lunch, check out the mall and Ripley's Believe It or Not museum and the casinos. My family didn't gamble and but my husband and parents in-laws did some games. My brother, then under 18, was not allowed to enter the casino but finally managed to sneak in from different gate. Smoky and happening casinos there in Genting. No photos of ours were taken when we were in the casinos since it was prohibited to take pictures there.

After checking Ripley's Museum in Genting.

In front of the Resort World Hotel.

Genting's Resort World Hotel Building.

My family didn't find the casinos that entertaining, so perhaps next time, we'd like to check the Genting's Theme Park out, which I missed since I didn't know about its existence.

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