Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Conquering Penang: The Landmarks and The Food

This is a more than one year late post. I planned to blog about my 2010 New Year's trip to Penang with my then-boyfriend early last year however, due to one and many reasons somehow my plan was stalled until now - early this year.

Usually, I always go back to my hometown during Christmas and New Year for a family visit plus to avoid lonely festive seasons in Singapore. However, two years ago, I decided to make my going-home trip to Indonesia shorter. I spent my Christmas 2009 in Malang and spent New Year with my then-boyfriend in Malaysia. Fair split.

For the 2010 New Year, YK accepted his friends' invitation to visit Penang. It was my first visit to the much-mentioned Pulau Pinang. I've heard a lot about it and finally I had a chance to go there. Perfect plan. My then-boyfriend was so excited to bring me around and introduce the famous stuff from Penang. It was supposed to be a fun visit full of sightseeing and lots of culinary tour, but I was unfortunately so sick during the whole trip. Once I landed to LCCT from Indonesia that night, I sensed a terrible sore throat and in the end, in the next few days I was really suffering from sore infection and fever. On the next day I arrived to Malaysia, we drove from Seremban to Penang at 2am, few hours before our departure to Penang, I went to see a doctor as I was feverish.

Thanks to the virus that attacked me, the trip that could have been fun became a quite torturing ordeal as my body was hot and cold all the time. I was indeed torturing my then-boyfriend too during that trip too. I was weak and in bad mood almost all the time and only smiled when taking pictures.

Anyway, despite all the drama, I could still remember some things we did and ate in Penang from the last year's photos that we took and here's the recap:

Early morning Dim Sum at Foo San Restaurant, Jalan Ipoh.

Once we arrived in Penang, I tasted their Penang Cendol.

Penang Asam Laksa.

Otw to visit the first temple in Penang.

Thean Hock Keong Temple, Butterworth.

A display inside the Thean Hock Keong Temple.
Selecting names according to the generation.

Ice Kacang from random Food Court.

Oyster Noodle from random Food Court.

Fried Kway Tiao from Night Market.

Penang Luk-Luk.

At Penang's Hard Rock Cafe.

Feeding the Turtles at Kek Lok Si Temple with RM 5 Kang Kong.

At Kek Lok Si Temple.
Me, the Rat.

Him, the Dog.

Goddess of Mercy/Kuan Yin at Kek Lok Si Temple.

Penang Jelly Coconut. Yum!

Last lunch: Oyster Noodle.

Can't remember the name of this dish.

Fried Eggs with Oyster.

While again, it was supposed to be a very fun virgin trip to Penang but until now surprisingly, all I could is only remember the pain when traveling to Penang with flu. Bad mood, runny nose, sore throat, drowsiness and headaches all the way. I could not even taste the infamous Penang culinary properly and didn't really enjoy the landmarks that I swung by. Such a waste. 

Never travel when you're sick.

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