Saturday, March 5, 2011

Baking Instant Butter Cake

The last time I baked a cake, I was not satisfied at all. The cake didn't develop very well. I feel I've wasted so much of the cake ingredients. About three days ago, I was at a supermarket and came across stacks of instant mix boxes for making butter cake. I read the instruction and all I needed for making this butter cake was apparently only 4 eggs, 290ml of melted butter/margarine and a mixer. Total mixing time was only 5 minutes. It was sort of guaranteed that the cake would pretty much successful. I took home a box of it.

I think I've tried this 'cheating' baking method before a long time ago back in Indonesia and the result was not that disappointing.

RM 7.50 Vanilla Butter Cake Instant Mix

So I tried and closely followed the instruction at the back of the box. Baking this was as easy as 1, 2, 3. Preparation time was relatively pretty short, only about 15 minutes, but the baking time still needed 40-45 minutes. The final result tasted just okay but it did develop well. Didn't quite look as in the box cover, though. Next time, I'd probably need a real butter instead of cheap margarine for the dough.

After 45 minutes: Fresh from the oven.

A little bit wet in the top part but the cake is done.

Fluffy when it's still piping hot.

Perhaps for some other weekends, for less messy baking attempts, I'll try baking other instant cake flavors and make some creative variations onto the dough. But no, I think I should not rely on instant mix so much. I have to bake a real baker and create all the mess.

Anyway, it's been two days and there are still few cake slices left in the kitchen. The cake was just too much for four adults' consumption in the house.

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