Sunday, March 27, 2011

Baking Disaster: Flat Muffins

I was so looking forward to bake muffins this week. I searched for many muffin recipes online (and finally found one), consulted my friend on how to bake this successfully and read a lot of muffin baking tips. I was extra careful about this baking muffin idea and trust me, from all the information I got in the internet, baking muffins seems so easy which boosted my confidence and excitement to do this. I even watched Nigella Lawson's making muffins tutorial video on YouTube and she says baking muffin is stress-free.

So, I did it and was so excited to test my brand new muffin molds too. Anyway, all my good mood about muffins turned into a traumatic experience when I had flat muffins today.

My flat muffins today: Had soft texture inside but tasted bit floury.

This is the original recipe that I used and I think I had obediently mind the below tips too into my baking attempt today. It's just that today I used crushed Oreo cookies too instead of just using chocolate chips and I used oil instead of melted butter. I used Oreo cookies as one of my ways to be more creative in baking as I was inspired by a photo of cute Oreo muffin in the internet (too bad the recipe was not disclosed).

Here are top five tips in making muffins that I collated from my online reading:
  1. Always separate mixing the wet and dry ingredients. Once we are done with this part, create a well in the dry mixture and pour the wet ingredients until well mixed.
  2. Sift the flour to have best result.
  3. Avoid over stirring the muffin batter. Muffin batter is meant to be lumpy. In fact, some tips mention that maximum amount that we could only do in stirring the batter is 12 strokes by using spatula (which I can't figure out how possible this is to be done).
  4. Fill the cup mold with no more than 3/4 full to create a room for the muffin to rise.
  5. After the muffins are done, leave them in the molds for 5 minutes first before releasing them (I didn't practice this since this time around I didn't find this was necessary nor helpful to save my day anymore)
Now I wonder where I went wrong with all this. Was it my whisking method for the wet ingredients? I used mixer to do this as I don't dare to experiment in whisking cake batter manually as yet. Or was it the crushed Oreo cookies, my so called creative, additions that technically caused more flour into the muffin batter? Or was it because I didn't fold the batter properly? Although I am sure that I didn't over do it and had a lumpy muffin batter as advised. I don't think I'd blame the oven temperature for this since it looked normal today.

Help! I feel horrible and embarrassed after this failure, especially since my brother in law's family is here too. I hope by tomorrow I'd feel much better. By the way, in the end I threw away some of the muffin batter since I knew it would not made it and if I continued, I would have just wasted more gas for the oven.

Holy Moly, my muffins didn't rise today and I am sad. If you know any nice muffin recipe (which is 98% guaranteed would produce successful result, perhaps), please do share with me. I'd like to try it.


  1. hmm try using the original recipe with the butter and use a paddle attachment rather than a whisk beater :) and ignore rule #3! try doing a smaller batch again to see if it rises :)

  2. No no.. I used mixer today, not the whisk beater. You mean butter or melted butter? Yeah, I guess rule #3 doesn't apply here. My heart still aches whenever I think of what happened today with my muffins. Hiks. Definitely got lots to learn here.

  3. what attachment does your mixer have? :) try using softened butter! don't stress too much, baking is really a hit and miss until you perfect the recipe :)

  4. Just the normal two-beaters mixer.. Yeah, maybe next time I'll try to make muffins again after I find a better different recipe. I like your line here - baking is a hit and miss. So true! Hey, post your baking attempts again. I want to see.


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