Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dating with Stars at the Universal Studio Singapore

The story was that we were about to leave Singapore permanently. Prior to our last visit to Singapore, my husband and I made a places-to-visit list in Singapore and planned to visit these places on our last few days in Singapore. The truth is, we were way too busy packing and meeting our friends in Singapore in the past few days. Subsequently, we decided to go ahead with only visiting the Universal Studio Singapore (USS), which topped our list.

Contemplating: Genting Casino or Universal Studio?

Universal Studio wins!

We went to the USS on this week's hump day to avoid too much crowds there. We gave S$72 away to the ticketing booth for each person to enter this entertainment park. Some said that this price is not worth paying for a theme park that you can circle in mere two hours. Some, however, said that USS is damn fun and a must-visit in Singapore. We took the chance and spent about 6 hours running here and there under the hot sun at the USS, catching Hollywood icons and taking photos with them.

Thanks to my acrophobia and general fears of such tall rapid rides, my husband only managed to plunge into a mini roller coaster attraction out of so many giant and intense ones at the park. To cut the story short, our main activities then were just snapping pictures with some familiar icons and enjoyed some live and digital shows along the way.

Our journey at the USS started by scouting Madagascar area. We rode a carousel which has Madagascar cute characters at King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round, sang and danced along the Madagascar Boogie! show, took photos with the casts and ate lunch at Marty's Casa Del Wild.

Madagascar, here we come!

Riding King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round.

After lunch, we moved on to Far Far Away. We first caught the Donkey LIVE show where we could hear Shrek's sidekick Donkey sing and show some 'live' interactive activities i.e games with the audience. Well, I got picked during the first game. I was drowned by high level of shyness and sort of stuck in answering the Donkey's simple questions. Hence, he asked my husband to stand up too. He interviewed two of us some personal love life questions in front of so many strangers from around the world then swiftly remarried us. The Donkey made us said "I do!" over the vows that he created on the spot. I was so embarrassed but I guess I should be delighted and honored too. I mean, hello, not so many lucky people got married by Shrek's Donkey.

Singing along at the Donkey Live show.

Finally, we caught Shrek and Princess Fiona. 
We waited 'til 6 pm and were in the first line to strike pose with them.

Following the 'get punked by the Donkey' show, we joined a 4D fairytale experience at Shrek 4-D Adventure. It was such a thrill and a highly recommended attraction to catch!

Next, we paid a visit at The Lost World. First thing we did when we reach there was catching the WaterWorld live water show. It was sensational. The set was magnificent and the death-defying stunts were brilliantly done. The audience could really feel the heat and smoke from the explosions.

Witnessing the captivating stunts at the WaterWorld live show.

At the Lost World, I bet my life in a mild roller coaster ride called the Canopy Flyer where passengers supposedly could enjoy the prehistoric bird's-eye view of Jurassic Park. My husband convinced me to at least try one ride and said that I can forget about this when we're done with the ride. In addition, the guard there also ensured me that this ride was really 'mild' and safe and even the kids could also ride this. I agreed for one mild ride. Ultimately, up there I closed my eyes most of time, screamed my heart out, was tortured by the sick butterflies flying inside my stomach and felt that my hard-beating heart had fell down onto the ground when the thing moved around. I didn't enjoy the so called Jurassic Park view at all. In fact, I could not see a thing of that 'promised land'. I was that far gone. That's it and I firmly told to myself that I better never ever ride any kind of roller coaster again in the long run. My husband was quite disappointed with my attitude towards this roller coaster thing at the USS but no can do. I just could not do it.

When I finally started breathing normally again after the whole roller coaster ordeal, we strolled around the Ancient Egypt and managed to take a photo with a couple of mythological characters from The Mummy. Other than the replicas of historical Ancient Egypt artifacts and fossils, it seems that this place also hosts a huge indoor roller coaster which is said to offer a psychological thrill ride. Shame, my heart just could not take any roller coaster related discovery anymore and I certainly had no second thought of skipping this attractions despite the not-so-cheap USS entry ticket that I paid earlier on.

Meet and greet with the Egyptian Royalty and the Army of Anubis.

Having enough with the desert, we circled the Sci-Fi City but didn't find much interesting stuff there so we moved on to New York and caught Lights, Camera, Actions! show hosted by Steven Spielberg in the screen. We witnessed the special effects when filmmakers make their actions movies. It was quite interesting.

Taking a break in front of the Lincoln's Library in New York.

Last but not least, we scouted at Hollywood where we tried to catch and take pictures with as many Hollywood stars as possible.

Meet and greet with Hollywood's Hall of Fame: Charlie Chaplin.

My husband and I are never big fans of Marylin Monroe but we patiently waited for Marylin Monroe to come around until 6pm. I even queued twice to have two different pictures with her.

My second photo with Marylin Monroe. Muaks. Muaks.

The last photo: Kicking some ass with Kung Fu Panda.

My husband and I really demonstrated our third level smiles for literally six hours of our visit at USS that day. We were just so ecstatic meeting the casts and had so much fun taking pictures here and there. I would definitely bring my family to come there too when the chance arises in the near future. I love the Universal Studio Singapore. It brings the inner child out of us for one more time. This place permits us to be a kid and have fun like a kid again, at least for half a day. What an exhilarating destination in Singapore!

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