Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Pre-Wedding Photos

This weekend, my husband and I spent our Saturday afternoon by selecting our pre-wedding photo results here in Seremban. I thought selecting photos would be an easy-peasy activity that could done in a relatively short time, however, apparently this fussy affair easily took three hours of our time to choose the 'right' ones. Honestly, both of us were sort of excited in the past two weeks after we did the pre-wedding photo shoots about two weeks ago. We could not wait to see the results of our two-day laboring as amateur models for the pre-wedding shots.

Step 9. Taking the Pre-Wedding photos

We dedicated two exclusive days during weekdays for these photo shoots. On the first day of the photo shooting, rain poured almost the whole Seremban, thus, we had not much choice but taking the in-door photos first. We spent about nine hours in the studio for putting the initial make up and retouches, doing the hair, dressing up six times and posing like models. From energetic moments in the beginning of the photo shoot session in late morning, our energy and mood level went down to almost as low as 2% by the time we hit the third dress. By night, we were just so flat out right after we were done with photo shoots of six different costumes on the first day itself.

By the way, during the photo shooting course, we learned that there are three levels of smile. Level one means we have to smile a bit, almost like elegant grin. Level two means we have to give a normal happy smile and show our teeth. Lastly, the highest level smile means that we have to give a really big happy smile, almost like laughing, and open our mouth a bit. 

Isaac, our professional photographer from Passion Bridal House in Seremban, had apparently uploaded our photo results in his blog too. Good news is, today we got some of the soft copies from Isaac too. Needless to say, I am super elated to showcase some of my favorites in my blog too.

Day 1,  31 January 2011

The rain stopped for a while in the late afternoon that day. It was sunny again but still drizzling. We used this opportunity to hastily go to the nearby Catholic church for a short out-door photo shoots. Although I am not a Catholic person by faith, I always wanted my own wedding photo shoots with an old Catholic church as a background. I just find it beautiful and grand. Sadly, when we finally reached the church, it was apparently under major renovation and when we tried to take the shoots inside the building, a lady from the church shooed us away. To cheer us up, our photographer gave us an alternative venue and we ended up taking some shots at an empty 'abandoned' building nearby the church, the Seremban's former public library. Turned out, it was not bad at all.

For the second day of the outdoor photo shooting session, due to some obvious logistical reasons, we selected the Port Dickson Beach, which is only about 30 minutes away from Seremban, as our outdoor photo shoot venue. My husband and I pumped more and more moral supports to each other to finish the outdoor photo shooting as perfect as we planned. Our main motivations then were to get beautiful pictures to remember in the future and the fact that we'd be doing this for once in our lifetime.

Day 2,  1 February 2011

Good job, Isaac. We love the shots very much.

Now, I'd like to say that modeling ain't an easy business as my concluding remark here. Don't look down at models ever again, especially to those women who have to wear those thick poking eye lashes whilst maintain that pretty smile all day long.

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