Monday, February 7, 2011

Making Pizza

Two days ago, my husband and I went to a supermarket with a mission to buy some rack for the toilets. Unconsciously, we arrived and ended browsing products in the perishables area for quite some time. We came across the frozen food shelves and thought of baking pizza ourselves. Minutes later, our trolley was full of pizza ingredients and we ended up paying more at the cashier counter for the things that we didn't intend to purchase.

Anyway, we baked pizza together for dinner that night. Simple and easy with the ready-made pizza dough. All I had to do was to create the topping, which was relatively easy and similar to making pasta's tomato sauce.

Hawaiian Pizza


Sliced onions, garlic, sliced hot dogs, sliced pineapples, canned tomato pure or pasta's tomato sauce, fresh tomato cubes (clean the seeds), oregano, chili sauce, pepper powder, sugar, margarine and cooking oil. All is used as per needed.

1-2-3 Tutorial:

1. Cook the pizza topping. Saute the sliced onions and garlic with hot cooking oil. Add sliced hot dogs and tomato cubes. Mix well. Add the pasta sauce, chili sauce, sugar, pepper powder and oregano until it's less watery and tasty enough. I like my pizza to taste very spicy so I added a little bit more of chili sauce and oregano. Once done, let it cool down a bit.

Cooking the pizza topping.

2. Glaze the oven tray and pizza base with margarine.

Oven tray covered with aluminum foil and already glazed with margarine.

Ready-to-use pizza base from the supermarket.

Glazing some margarine on the pizza base.

3. Put the pizza topping on the pizza base. Add on sliced pineapple cuts and mozzarella cheese as you wish.

Put the pizza topping on the pizza base.

 Pineaple cuts for the Hawaiian style pizza.

Shredded mozzarella cheese for the pizza topping.

Put the pineapple cuts before the cheese.

4. Put the pizza in the heated oven for about 10-15 minutes until all the cheese melts. The pizza base is not the same as the self-made pizza dough, so no need to bake for so long to avoid burnt pizza bread.

Pizza ready to bake. 
I poured as much cheese as I could since my husband really likes his pizza cheesy.

The final result.

I think this is a much less hassle way to make a DIY pizza. We can literally put any ingredients as the pizza topping, even without cooking the topping sauce first. However, we can't really have high expectations on the pizza crust since it's ready made and doesn't taste that great. It was quite simple to make and I baked another one for my husband's group of friends who visited our house yesterday afternoon.


  1. Pizza is always welcome in our house. We always have a fun time just trying to figure out what to put on it. It usually ends up with different halves though because we have different tastes. Yours with the pineapple and hot dog slices does sound unique as well as tasty!

  2. I completely agree! Pizza is so expensive everywhere...I always make it from scratch now too. This looks great! yummm

  3. I must admit that I don't like pineapples on my pizza but I do like home made pizza! I used to make home made spinach pizza all the time!!!

  4. This sounds delicious. We eat a lot of pizza and my girls are so picky they only want cheese, but i sneak and add pineapples at times, i try to cover them with cheese. :-)

  5. I love it when I go shopping and end up buying something totally unexpected. Your pizza was an inspiration and looks absolutely wonderful.

  6. I don't like pineapple, but Hawaiian pizza is huge in Germany. Looks like pineapple lovers would dig this!

  7. This is so great! Hawaiian is my favorite type of pizza! Yum!


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