Sunday, February 20, 2011

The House Warming Party

Since I knew my then-boyfriend, then-fiance and now husband, I have attended like 4 or 5 of his friends' and relatives' housewarming parties. The one that his friend, Ah Bee, held last night was kind of the best so far I've attended - not in terms of the house he just moved in but the way he hosted the house warming party. Earlier this week, Ah Bee called his real close friends to view his new house in KL and invited us to have a steamboat dinner at his new place instead of having some house warming buffet dinner with a bunch strangers which most of them we (or rather I) would barely know.

Ah Bee showing off his new kitchen.

Yesterday, I had a cozy, warm and much enjoyable house warming experience at Ah Bee's new house. We cooked together and sat together with friends to eat dinner whilst chit chatting after viewing the house. I really appreciate his idea to just gather some close friends for this kind of occasion, which I believed was more meaningful.
I was so ready to attack the food.

The guys were tasked to clean the food on the table.

I baked a cake for them but unfortunately I really had some baking disaster yesterday. I tried my best to cover the cake mess with some icing butter. After dinner and some cards game, I made my husband leave Ah Bee's house before I received any comment on the cake which they had for late night dessert. I just could not face it.

The pandan cake I baked yesterday.

Sliced cake for the guests.

Home sweet home, Ah Bee.

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  1. Hi! Just wondering... are any typical housewarming gifts that many people give in Malaysia? The traditional gifts that many Korean people give for housewarming parties are toilet paper and laundry detergent... hehe


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