Sunday, February 20, 2011

Don't Get Mauled by Loan Sharks

First time I heard the 'Loan Shark' term was back when I sat in primary school. I never imagined that such profession still exists to dates, until I came to Malaysia when I heard so much stories about this kind of money lenders and 'Ah Long' who would use violence to threat those who fail to pay back in time.

It's illegal but it's an organized crime reality here. I have been noticing the ubiquitous presence of this fast cash provider advertisements literally everywhere, targeted to some unfortunate desperate souls in this country. I saw the poster and huge stickers on the electricity or traffic lights' poles offering unsecured loans. Some even personally deliver the pamphlets right into your front doors.

These are the 'underworld financier' advertisements left in our front gate today.

Never ever get near to these people or even tempted to reach out to them since the interest rate they apply is very high and they can be quite harmful during the money collection. By then, nothing much could protect you.

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