Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Couple Things I Miss from Singapore

It's been about two weeks since I left Singapore and tried to make a routine life in Malaysia. No pun intended to my husband but I am already struck by 'homesick' syndrome towards Singapore. I have started missing some basic things from Singapore. There is nothing personal with my opinions below. They are just some funny thoughts flying around my head in the past few days.

Orchard Road.

There were times when I often procrastinated on how boring Singapore is, especially when most of the time, the only feasible thing to do on weekends in Singapore is just to take a walk or windows shopping in the malls along the Orchard Road and/or catching the latest movies at one of the cinemas there. Then, I really could not think of any other activities to do on weekends other than these. Now that I live in a place where there is only one so called descent 'shopping mall' and mostly I spend some of my days to clear my head up by buying groceries at big supermarkets instead, I truly appreciate all the malls in Singapore. They are big, full of shop-able shops, nice and always so happening. I wish I could get the S$1 - 'Ice Potong' sold almost everywhere along Orchard area too. I also miss Singapore's cinemas where they'd show the most recent Hollywood blockbusters and display English subtitles for Chinese or Hong Kong movies.

 The always merry Orchard road.

Indonesian food.

Once a week or worst case, once a month, I'd indulge myself in some Indonesian food in Orchard Road or other area. Not really a cheap price to pay for an Indonesian meal but it was good enough and a must have necessity for an Indonesian like myself. Now, I can just dream on, try my best not to salivate and convince myself to visit Indonesia more often in order to satisfy my craving on those spicy Indonesian food. Nobody sells this in my current place. The nearest source I could get probably is in KL, but even then, I still would not know who sells this kind of food in KL.

My favorite Ayam Penyet Ria.

Cheap international cuisines from nearby food courts.

The good thing about Singapore food courts is that they sell various international food at reasonable price. From Monday to Friday, gastronomically, I could really go international. Say, on Monday, I'd go for some Chinese, Tuesday I'd go for Thai, Korean for Wednesday, Malay for Thursday and Japanese for Friday and some western food for weekend's treat. Perfect. Now, the general food courts in Malaysia would be either the Chinese food courts where they'd obviously sell strictly Chinese noodles and rice or the Indian Mamak, which is blatantly not an option for me, except for their neutral Fried Rice. Those who know me well enough would understand what I specifically feel about Indian cuisines. I'm sorry but after some trials, my taste bud still can't accept the Indian herbs.

  Less than S$5 Chicken Rice set from AMK food court.

 Less than S$5 Japanese food set from a food court in Beach Road Market.

Less than S$7 Korean BBQ Set from a food court in Beach Road.

A big glass of homemade ice lemon tea.

It sounds simple but this beverage is irreplaceable. I had a glass of homemade ice lemon tea almost everyday after lunch. What most of the restaurants or food courts in Malaysia serve is Chinese Liang Cha or slightly close to my favorite ice lemon tea would be Teh O Ais Limau (Ice Lime Tea). The taste between big sliced lemon and limes when soaked in home made ice tea is quite a far cry. Not to mention, the canned ice lemon tea would not help me either.

Ice Lemon Tea from Singapore.

MRT ride whilst listening songs on my iPhone.

On the contrary to the news that I read today - one of the seven stress inducers on the way to in Singapore is the problems related to commuting by public transports such as delays, bad drivers, smelly and rude passengers, etc - I always appreciate the convenience that Singapore offers in terms of its public transport, especially the MRT. I mean, I admit there were also times when I got quite irritated with the above-mentioned stressful issues when taking a ride on public transportation but in Singapore, at least I could be very independent in transporting myself from point A to point B-Z. Now since I can't drive and possess no driving license in Malaysia, without my husband's driving me around the town, I'm practically a disabled individual. In addition, then I sort of zoned out when walking to the MRT station and taking a long ride in MRT whilst listening to some favorite pieces through my iPhone. The only moments when I could really listen well, enjoy and comprehend music.

Inside the Singapore MRT.

And above all these, I, of course, miss some of my good friends in Singapore. I miss catching up with them, sharing some gossips, having a long chat over dinner, joking around, bitching and so on (in English/Singlish or Indonesian/Javanese). Singapore, please don't forget me yet.

I guess we only value things more when they are gone, huh. Again, these are just my two-cent comparisons as someone who has lived in few foreign countries. A comparison between my then life in Singapore and current life in Malaysia. Nothing personal, really. I am giving my best, 110% in fact, in adjusting to this new environment. I owe my husband a lot for making this adjustment process less painful and doable. He's been teaching me how to drive car again. Ah. It's hard but with his automatic transmission car, it's much easier to learn moving this wheeled motor vehicle.


  1. Aww, great post. Reading it made me miss Singapore even more. I was staying there for a few months before returning to my native Canada last week. But I still miss the heat, the food, the MRT, and everything else about Singapore. I hope I'll be able to visit again soon!
    Best of luck settling into Malaysia! :)

  2. Yeah.. I miss Singapore too, but not the heat though because Malaysia turns out to be hotter than Singapore! Thanks for reading my blog. :-)

  3. Hello, happened to stumbled upon your blog. Nice one you've got there, btw ;)

    Anyway, KL has Ayam Penyet Ria as well at Sunway. There's Sari Ratu (the Padang restaurant) as well around KL (there are around 3 branches available).

    Reading your story about your relationship with you and your husband is kinda like reading my own story. Hahahaha... I'm an Indo Chinese and my boyfriend is a Malaysian as well (and I'm also working in SG atm). Lol :p

  4. Hi Amelia,

    Thanks for dropping by. Yes I know KL has 2 Ayam Penyet Ria restaurants but never heard of Sari Ratu. I'll find out! Thanks for the info.

  5. my thoughts are the same! I miss SG!

  6. I'm Malaysian-KL. Often travel to Singapore but only once to Jakarta. Just 3 days and since I come back always miss Indonesian food too.


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