Monday, February 28, 2011

Temporarily Deactivating Facebook: A Confession

Deactivating or deleting Facebook always involves lots of emotions. Especially before you hit that 'CONFIRM' the deactivation button, the screen makes appear some of your friends' photos and a saying that they will miss you (from Facebook). It's a very emotional sensation since this would bring back the good old time memories with them, inside or outside of Facebook circle.

I've made up my mind to temporarily deactivate my Facebook account and had removed that blue Facebook icon from my iPhone last night. My husband attempted to prevent me from doing this as it was probably driven by emotional and silly reasons but I did it anyway.

Deactivating Facebook is not novel and I think quite a lot of people have done so, even deleted their Facebook account for good, due to quite a number of reasons. Facebook is not safe, Facebook wastes too much time, Facebook makes you way too attached to your computer screen or smart phone, Facebook has turned into your most favorite toilet reading material, Facebook becomes your only life (you feel dying and gasp for air when there is no internet access), Facebook is addictive (more addictive than daily intake of black coffee probably), Facebook stimulates your inner busy-body personality, Facebook trains you as a highly skilled cyber spy, Facebook is a platform of cyber-bullying, Facebook intervenes personal problems too much, Facebook annoys you with some friends' relentless Farm Ville updates or other inane status updates, etc.

On the other hand, I think Facebook, in many ways, is a great social media platform to connect people who are miles away from you or be in touch with some long-lost contacts, to invite friends for events, to remind friends' birthdays and wish them 'happy birthday' online (for free!), to market or promote products, to share updates on the latest news from the other part of the world, gossips and interesting new facts and so on.

Only recently, I saw a friend who, after lots of thoughts and deep considerations, decided to close her Facebook account despite her being a keen user of social media for her work. My husband quit Facebook slightly earlier before my friend did because I always spied on him and it was killing him.

Some people, including myself, wondered why they'd do this silly thing, namely killing their Facebook account after years of nurture. I always thought Facebook is fantastic technology advancement on planet earth and one of this century's most genius inventions. I told myself that no matter what, I'd never delete my precious Facebook account. I even tried to convince friends who were not on Facebook to open an account for the longest time.

Now, I ate my own words. I licked my own spit. I have decided to try to live Facebook-free. It's hard but I want to see if there are positive effects after doing this. Now I am telling you that the pain of living Facebook-free is comparable to living as a vegetarian. My very first reason was that being a repeat victim of direct cyber-bully on Facebook is not okay, devastating and painful. It's not the first time that people who happen to resent me would update their walls' status on all the not-so-great things between me and her, announce to the whole world about the ongoing personal problems and open public commentaries on that particular subject. This concern has got way too tiring and sickening. Hence, I told myself to take action. Things that I don't read, I don't know, I won't worry. At the end of the day, I just want to spare myself a peace of mind.

Secondly, over the years Facebook activated my spying skill way more advanced than I'd require. Some news updates or old facts that I didn't have and need to know drove me crazy. Apparently I didn't do quite well in filtering information in Facebook. This peculiar skill, apparently, hurt my loved one because I could not handle certain things resulting from my online spying activity. Third, I think I've become one of those addicts who could not stand but checking status updates on Facebook every five minutes no matter how busy I was. I was always so anxious in waiting someone to comment my just uploaded photos or wall status. Last but not least, I realized that it is not good to play with Facebook if I do not know how to limit myself in sharing my personal stuff.

I happened to see my friend in Jakarta, Irena, online on MSN today, had a brief chat with her and told her that I've broken up with Facebook. Her comments on my main reason to deactivate Facebook were: "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can't hurt me". Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. There will be malicious people but there are still good friends. Just block the malicious out. Keep the good in :)

I totally agreed, was comforted with her advice and again, was very tempted to reactivate my account after she shared me that. Super tempted, if I may say. However, blocking some people online does not guarantee 'happiness' either, for instance, when the person you block finds out about this and somehow things get even more complicated because of the 'UNFRIEND' button.

Okay, so this is not even a day of my life without Facebook and I'm coping not so well, I'm afraid. I foresee the first three days won't be easy to go through. My fingers have been very itchy to find Facebook page, key my passwords in and check updates or any notifications from friends. I feel weird not seeing Facebook icon on my iPhone screen too. The question is: Is it a good time to reconcile with Facebook again although I am also aware of all the consequences of disappearing from the Facebook orbit are not fun? Hmm, I don't know. I am just not ready yet.

*Picture was randomly taken from internet source.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Couple Things I Miss from Singapore

It's been about two weeks since I left Singapore and tried to make a routine life in Malaysia. No pun intended to my husband but I am already struck by 'homesick' syndrome towards Singapore. I have started missing some basic things from Singapore. There is nothing personal with my opinions below. They are just some funny thoughts flying around my head in the past few days.

Orchard Road.

There were times when I often procrastinated on how boring Singapore is, especially when most of the time, the only feasible thing to do on weekends in Singapore is just to take a walk or windows shopping in the malls along the Orchard Road and/or catching the latest movies at one of the cinemas there. Then, I really could not think of any other activities to do on weekends other than these. Now that I live in a place where there is only one so called descent 'shopping mall' and mostly I spend some of my days to clear my head up by buying groceries at big supermarkets instead, I truly appreciate all the malls in Singapore. They are big, full of shop-able shops, nice and always so happening. I wish I could get the S$1 - 'Ice Potong' sold almost everywhere along Orchard area too. I also miss Singapore's cinemas where they'd show the most recent Hollywood blockbusters and display English subtitles for Chinese or Hong Kong movies.

 The always merry Orchard road.

Indonesian food.

Once a week or worst case, once a month, I'd indulge myself in some Indonesian food in Orchard Road or other area. Not really a cheap price to pay for an Indonesian meal but it was good enough and a must have necessity for an Indonesian like myself. Now, I can just dream on, try my best not to salivate and convince myself to visit Indonesia more often in order to satisfy my craving on those spicy Indonesian food. Nobody sells this in my current place. The nearest source I could get probably is in KL, but even then, I still would not know who sells this kind of food in KL.

My favorite Ayam Penyet Ria.

Cheap international cuisines from nearby food courts.

The good thing about Singapore food courts is that they sell various international food at reasonable price. From Monday to Friday, gastronomically, I could really go international. Say, on Monday, I'd go for some Chinese, Tuesday I'd go for Thai, Korean for Wednesday, Malay for Thursday and Japanese for Friday and some western food for weekend's treat. Perfect. Now, the general food courts in Malaysia would be either the Chinese food courts where they'd obviously sell strictly Chinese noodles and rice or the Indian Mamak, which is blatantly not an option for me, except for their neutral Fried Rice. Those who know me well enough would understand what I specifically feel about Indian cuisines. I'm sorry but after some trials, my taste bud still can't accept the Indian herbs.

  Less than S$5 Chicken Rice set from AMK food court.

 Less than S$5 Japanese food set from a food court in Beach Road Market.

Less than S$7 Korean BBQ Set from a food court in Beach Road.

A big glass of homemade ice lemon tea.

It sounds simple but this beverage is irreplaceable. I had a glass of homemade ice lemon tea almost everyday after lunch. What most of the restaurants or food courts in Malaysia serve is Chinese Liang Cha or slightly close to my favorite ice lemon tea would be Teh O Ais Limau (Ice Lime Tea). The taste between big sliced lemon and limes when soaked in home made ice tea is quite a far cry. Not to mention, the canned ice lemon tea would not help me either.

Ice Lemon Tea from Singapore.

MRT ride whilst listening songs on my iPhone.

On the contrary to the news that I read today - one of the seven stress inducers on the way to in Singapore is the problems related to commuting by public transports such as delays, bad drivers, smelly and rude passengers, etc - I always appreciate the convenience that Singapore offers in terms of its public transport, especially the MRT. I mean, I admit there were also times when I got quite irritated with the above-mentioned stressful issues when taking a ride on public transportation but in Singapore, at least I could be very independent in transporting myself from point A to point B-Z. Now since I can't drive and possess no driving license in Malaysia, without my husband's driving me around the town, I'm practically a disabled individual. In addition, then I sort of zoned out when walking to the MRT station and taking a long ride in MRT whilst listening to some favorite pieces through my iPhone. The only moments when I could really listen well, enjoy and comprehend music.

Inside the Singapore MRT.

And above all these, I, of course, miss some of my good friends in Singapore. I miss catching up with them, sharing some gossips, having a long chat over dinner, joking around, bitching and so on (in English/Singlish or Indonesian/Javanese). Singapore, please don't forget me yet.

I guess we only value things more when they are gone, huh. Again, these are just my two-cent comparisons as someone who has lived in few foreign countries. A comparison between my then life in Singapore and current life in Malaysia. Nothing personal, really. I am giving my best, 110% in fact, in adjusting to this new environment. I owe my husband a lot for making this adjustment process less painful and doable. He's been teaching me how to drive car again. Ah. It's hard but with his automatic transmission car, it's much easier to learn moving this wheeled motor vehicle.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Don't Get Mauled by Loan Sharks

First time I heard the 'Loan Shark' term was back when I sat in primary school. I never imagined that such profession still exists to dates, until I came to Malaysia when I heard so much stories about this kind of money lenders and 'Ah Long' who would use violence to threat those who fail to pay back in time.

It's illegal but it's an organized crime reality here. I have been noticing the ubiquitous presence of this fast cash provider advertisements literally everywhere, targeted to some unfortunate desperate souls in this country. I saw the poster and huge stickers on the electricity or traffic lights' poles offering unsecured loans. Some even personally deliver the pamphlets right into your front doors.

These are the 'underworld financier' advertisements left in our front gate today.

Never ever get near to these people or even tempted to reach out to them since the interest rate they apply is very high and they can be quite harmful during the money collection. By then, nothing much could protect you.

The House Warming Party

Since I knew my then-boyfriend, then-fiance and now husband, I have attended like 4 or 5 of his friends' and relatives' housewarming parties. The one that his friend, Ah Bee, held last night was kind of the best so far I've attended - not in terms of the house he just moved in but the way he hosted the house warming party. Earlier this week, Ah Bee called his real close friends to view his new house in KL and invited us to have a steamboat dinner at his new place instead of having some house warming buffet dinner with a bunch strangers which most of them we (or rather I) would barely know.

Ah Bee showing off his new kitchen.

Yesterday, I had a cozy, warm and much enjoyable house warming experience at Ah Bee's new house. We cooked together and sat together with friends to eat dinner whilst chit chatting after viewing the house. I really appreciate his idea to just gather some close friends for this kind of occasion, which I believed was more meaningful.
I was so ready to attack the food.

The guys were tasked to clean the food on the table.

I baked a cake for them but unfortunately I really had some baking disaster yesterday. I tried my best to cover the cake mess with some icing butter. After dinner and some cards game, I made my husband leave Ah Bee's house before I received any comment on the cake which they had for late night dessert. I just could not face it.

The pandan cake I baked yesterday.

Sliced cake for the guests.

Home sweet home, Ah Bee.

Making Egg Tarts

When I first moved to Malaysia a couple weeks ago, realizing my hobby of baking cakes, my Mom-in-Law bought a mixer for me. It was my first time having a proper mixer with three pins! I would not need to push a ballpoint in the three-holed electricity plug ever again. Further, with my new mixer arrival, I was compelled to bake something.

New mixer in the house. I love the very thin beaters.

I stumbled into this cooking/baking blog when I was searching some simple cake recipes to test my new mixer. I was very happy about with my discovery since this blog is written in Bahasa Indonesia and it has quite simple cake recipes which a baker dummy like myself could try. Since I found it last week, in two days, I have tried three recipes that the blogger posted - the Angel Cake, Egg Tart and Pandan Simple Cake.

The first one tasted very nice but since I didn't have a smaller mold for the cake dough, I had a very thin cake and presentation wise, it was not that pleasing for the eye. However, my Mom -in-law really liked this cake. She said the vanilla aroma was so strong and the cake texture was soft. That night with the yolk left over from the Angel Cake, I made some egg tarts. Yesterday, I baked a Pandan cake for my husband's friend who was having house warming thing in KL but unfortunately, my cake didn't develop well. It was a heartbreaking experience to see that since I started the baking process with a high hope and really good mood.

I want to keep the slightly modified step-by-step egg tart recipe since it was easy to make and pretty much failure proof except the presentation part. I guess I need more practices to make good looking pies. I made two recipes for the pie dough since apparently the custard recipe written in the original recipe was more than enough for two pie recipes. One recipe could produce 14 egg tarts. In the end, I made 28 of them since my husband advised me not to waste the custard filling I've made.

Egg Tarts / Milk Pie

Ingredients for the pie:

  • 150 gr all purpose flour
  • 2 spoons of starch
  • 1.5 spoons of icing sugar (which I skipped since I didn't have it)
  • 100 gr butter/margarine
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 25 ml ice water
  • Pie/tart moulds (I used the disposable aluminum foil pie moulds)

Ingredients for the filling:

  • 200 ml liquid milk
  • 100 ml water
  • 3 spoons of sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 spoons of condensed milk
  • Vanilla essence (as needed)


1. Mix well margarine, flour, starch and icing sugar in a bowl by using fork. Add in the egg yolk and ice water until the dough is even. Better leave the dough in the fridge for about 30 minutes first before placing them in the pie moulds.

2. Make mini balls of the pie dough and place them evenly in the pie moulds.

Making the mini balls and place them in the pie moulds.

Press the dough evenly on the moulds.

3. Make the fillings - Boil the milk, water and sugar then leave it cold. In separate bowl, whisk the eggs, condensed milk and vanilla essence. Once the cooked milk is already cold, pour it onto the eggs mix.

4. Once done with making the pie on the pie moulds, pour the filling onto the pie (3/4 full).

Pouring the filling into the pie. Ready to bake.
5. Bake in the preheated 160 degree oven for about 30 minutes until they look golden.

First trial end result: Ain't that pretty but were still acceptable.

Definitely must-try again. Hopefully in a prettier look.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dating with Stars at the Universal Studio Singapore

The story was that we were about to leave Singapore permanently. Prior to our last visit to Singapore, my husband and I made a places-to-visit list in Singapore and planned to visit these places on our last few days in Singapore. The truth is, we were way too busy packing and meeting our friends in Singapore in the past few days. Subsequently, we decided to go ahead with only visiting the Universal Studio Singapore (USS), which topped our list.

Contemplating: Genting Casino or Universal Studio?

Universal Studio wins!

We went to the USS on this week's hump day to avoid too much crowds there. We gave S$72 away to the ticketing booth for each person to enter this entertainment park. Some said that this price is not worth paying for a theme park that you can circle in mere two hours. Some, however, said that USS is damn fun and a must-visit in Singapore. We took the chance and spent about 6 hours running here and there under the hot sun at the USS, catching Hollywood icons and taking photos with them.

Thanks to my acrophobia and general fears of such tall rapid rides, my husband only managed to plunge into a mini roller coaster attraction out of so many giant and intense ones at the park. To cut the story short, our main activities then were just snapping pictures with some familiar icons and enjoyed some live and digital shows along the way.

Our journey at the USS started by scouting Madagascar area. We rode a carousel which has Madagascar cute characters at King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round, sang and danced along the Madagascar Boogie! show, took photos with the casts and ate lunch at Marty's Casa Del Wild.

Madagascar, here we come!

Riding King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round.

After lunch, we moved on to Far Far Away. We first caught the Donkey LIVE show where we could hear Shrek's sidekick Donkey sing and show some 'live' interactive activities i.e games with the audience. Well, I got picked during the first game. I was drowned by high level of shyness and sort of stuck in answering the Donkey's simple questions. Hence, he asked my husband to stand up too. He interviewed two of us some personal love life questions in front of so many strangers from around the world then swiftly remarried us. The Donkey made us said "I do!" over the vows that he created on the spot. I was so embarrassed but I guess I should be delighted and honored too. I mean, hello, not so many lucky people got married by Shrek's Donkey.

Singing along at the Donkey Live show.

Finally, we caught Shrek and Princess Fiona. 
We waited 'til 6 pm and were in the first line to strike pose with them.

Following the 'get punked by the Donkey' show, we joined a 4D fairytale experience at Shrek 4-D Adventure. It was such a thrill and a highly recommended attraction to catch!

Next, we paid a visit at The Lost World. First thing we did when we reach there was catching the WaterWorld live water show. It was sensational. The set was magnificent and the death-defying stunts were brilliantly done. The audience could really feel the heat and smoke from the explosions.

Witnessing the captivating stunts at the WaterWorld live show.

At the Lost World, I bet my life in a mild roller coaster ride called the Canopy Flyer where passengers supposedly could enjoy the prehistoric bird's-eye view of Jurassic Park. My husband convinced me to at least try one ride and said that I can forget about this when we're done with the ride. In addition, the guard there also ensured me that this ride was really 'mild' and safe and even the kids could also ride this. I agreed for one mild ride. Ultimately, up there I closed my eyes most of time, screamed my heart out, was tortured by the sick butterflies flying inside my stomach and felt that my hard-beating heart had fell down onto the ground when the thing moved around. I didn't enjoy the so called Jurassic Park view at all. In fact, I could not see a thing of that 'promised land'. I was that far gone. That's it and I firmly told to myself that I better never ever ride any kind of roller coaster again in the long run. My husband was quite disappointed with my attitude towards this roller coaster thing at the USS but no can do. I just could not do it.

When I finally started breathing normally again after the whole roller coaster ordeal, we strolled around the Ancient Egypt and managed to take a photo with a couple of mythological characters from The Mummy. Other than the replicas of historical Ancient Egypt artifacts and fossils, it seems that this place also hosts a huge indoor roller coaster which is said to offer a psychological thrill ride. Shame, my heart just could not take any roller coaster related discovery anymore and I certainly had no second thought of skipping this attractions despite the not-so-cheap USS entry ticket that I paid earlier on.

Meet and greet with the Egyptian Royalty and the Army of Anubis.

Having enough with the desert, we circled the Sci-Fi City but didn't find much interesting stuff there so we moved on to New York and caught Lights, Camera, Actions! show hosted by Steven Spielberg in the screen. We witnessed the special effects when filmmakers make their actions movies. It was quite interesting.

Taking a break in front of the Lincoln's Library in New York.

Last but not least, we scouted at Hollywood where we tried to catch and take pictures with as many Hollywood stars as possible.

Meet and greet with Hollywood's Hall of Fame: Charlie Chaplin.

My husband and I are never big fans of Marylin Monroe but we patiently waited for Marylin Monroe to come around until 6pm. I even queued twice to have two different pictures with her.

My second photo with Marylin Monroe. Muaks. Muaks.

The last photo: Kicking some ass with Kung Fu Panda.

My husband and I really demonstrated our third level smiles for literally six hours of our visit at USS that day. We were just so ecstatic meeting the casts and had so much fun taking pictures here and there. I would definitely bring my family to come there too when the chance arises in the near future. I love the Universal Studio Singapore. It brings the inner child out of us for one more time. This place permits us to be a kid and have fun like a kid again, at least for half a day. What an exhilarating destination in Singapore!

The Pre-Wedding Photos

This weekend, my husband and I spent our Saturday afternoon by selecting our pre-wedding photo results here in Seremban. I thought selecting photos would be an easy-peasy activity that could done in a relatively short time, however, apparently this fussy affair easily took three hours of our time to choose the 'right' ones. Honestly, both of us were sort of excited in the past two weeks after we did the pre-wedding photo shoots about two weeks ago. We could not wait to see the results of our two-day laboring as amateur models for the pre-wedding shots.

Step 9. Taking the Pre-Wedding photos

We dedicated two exclusive days during weekdays for these photo shoots. On the first day of the photo shooting, rain poured almost the whole Seremban, thus, we had not much choice but taking the in-door photos first. We spent about nine hours in the studio for putting the initial make up and retouches, doing the hair, dressing up six times and posing like models. From energetic moments in the beginning of the photo shoot session in late morning, our energy and mood level went down to almost as low as 2% by the time we hit the third dress. By night, we were just so flat out right after we were done with photo shoots of six different costumes on the first day itself.

By the way, during the photo shooting course, we learned that there are three levels of smile. Level one means we have to smile a bit, almost like elegant grin. Level two means we have to give a normal happy smile and show our teeth. Lastly, the highest level smile means that we have to give a really big happy smile, almost like laughing, and open our mouth a bit. 

Isaac, our professional photographer from Passion Bridal House in Seremban, had apparently uploaded our photo results in his blog too. Good news is, today we got some of the soft copies from Isaac too. Needless to say, I am super elated to showcase some of my favorites in my blog too.

Day 1,  31 January 2011

The rain stopped for a while in the late afternoon that day. It was sunny again but still drizzling. We used this opportunity to hastily go to the nearby Catholic church for a short out-door photo shoots. Although I am not a Catholic person by faith, I always wanted my own wedding photo shoots with an old Catholic church as a background. I just find it beautiful and grand. Sadly, when we finally reached the church, it was apparently under major renovation and when we tried to take the shoots inside the building, a lady from the church shooed us away. To cheer us up, our photographer gave us an alternative venue and we ended up taking some shots at an empty 'abandoned' building nearby the church, the Seremban's former public library. Turned out, it was not bad at all.

For the second day of the outdoor photo shooting session, due to some obvious logistical reasons, we selected the Port Dickson Beach, which is only about 30 minutes away from Seremban, as our outdoor photo shoot venue. My husband and I pumped more and more moral supports to each other to finish the outdoor photo shooting as perfect as we planned. Our main motivations then were to get beautiful pictures to remember in the future and the fact that we'd be doing this for once in our lifetime.

Day 2,  1 February 2011

Good job, Isaac. We love the shots very much.

Now, I'd like to say that modeling ain't an easy business as my concluding remark here. Don't look down at models ever again, especially to those women who have to wear those thick poking eye lashes whilst maintain that pretty smile all day long.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Making Pizza

Two days ago, my husband and I went to a supermarket with a mission to buy some rack for the toilets. Unconsciously, we arrived and ended browsing products in the perishables area for quite some time. We came across the frozen food shelves and thought of baking pizza ourselves. Minutes later, our trolley was full of pizza ingredients and we ended up paying more at the cashier counter for the things that we didn't intend to purchase.

Anyway, we baked pizza together for dinner that night. Simple and easy with the ready-made pizza dough. All I had to do was to create the topping, which was relatively easy and similar to making pasta's tomato sauce.

Hawaiian Pizza


Sliced onions, garlic, sliced hot dogs, sliced pineapples, canned tomato pure or pasta's tomato sauce, fresh tomato cubes (clean the seeds), oregano, chili sauce, pepper powder, sugar, margarine and cooking oil. All is used as per needed.

1-2-3 Tutorial:

1. Cook the pizza topping. Saute the sliced onions and garlic with hot cooking oil. Add sliced hot dogs and tomato cubes. Mix well. Add the pasta sauce, chili sauce, sugar, pepper powder and oregano until it's less watery and tasty enough. I like my pizza to taste very spicy so I added a little bit more of chili sauce and oregano. Once done, let it cool down a bit.

Cooking the pizza topping.

2. Glaze the oven tray and pizza base with margarine.

Oven tray covered with aluminum foil and already glazed with margarine.

Ready-to-use pizza base from the supermarket.

Glazing some margarine on the pizza base.

3. Put the pizza topping on the pizza base. Add on sliced pineapple cuts and mozzarella cheese as you wish.

Put the pizza topping on the pizza base.

 Pineaple cuts for the Hawaiian style pizza.

Shredded mozzarella cheese for the pizza topping.

Put the pineapple cuts before the cheese.

4. Put the pizza in the heated oven for about 10-15 minutes until all the cheese melts. The pizza base is not the same as the self-made pizza dough, so no need to bake for so long to avoid burnt pizza bread.

Pizza ready to bake. 
I poured as much cheese as I could since my husband really likes his pizza cheesy.

The final result.

I think this is a much less hassle way to make a DIY pizza. We can literally put any ingredients as the pizza topping, even without cooking the topping sauce first. However, we can't really have high expectations on the pizza crust since it's ready made and doesn't taste that great. It was quite simple to make and I baked another one for my husband's group of friends who visited our house yesterday afternoon.

Playing Kites: Now and Then

According to the Wikipedia, historically, kites were first used approximately 2,800 years ago in China. Initially, the ancient and medieval Chinese people used kites for measuring, distances, testing the wind, lifting men, signaling and communications for military operations. However, there were some sayings that kites existed way before those times in Indonesia. India also was one of the first countries to be familiar with kites. Marco Polo introduced kites to Europe towards the end of the 13th century and then kites were brought by sailors from Japan and Malaysia in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Nowadays, people use kites for casual entertainment, usually in parks. I never played kites before but did witness the popularity of kites at one point of time of my life when I was small back in my hometown. I saw young boys playing kites here and there. Some of the kites were stuck in the electricity pool's cables and trees around the town. I saw many stuck on top of my house's roof, tall barbed wire fence and TV antenna as well. I remember I had an old man neighbor who lived in a kampong behind my house who made paper kites for living.

When my husband and I visited Tanjung Emas Park in Muar few days ago, I didn't expect I would see the whole place filled with crowds playing kites. Young and old. The wind was pretty strong, so I guess the weather was sort of encouraging to play kites that afternoon. Really, I have not seen people playing kites since I was young especially during my stays in densely populated cities like Surabaya and Singapore. Seeing so many people utilizing kites as family afternoon entertainment tools in Muar is sort of soothing to me. It brought back the old times memory when there were no known of digital video games, computer and the like.

 Tanjung Emas Park in Muar.

Kites were everywhere in the blue sky.

Hesitated in the beginning, but in the end, my husband agreed to get one kite of RM 15 and fly it high.

 The kite seller.

 Selling kites could be a good business in Muar, it seemed.

A deliriously happy boy with his new big bird toy.

Getting the kite ready.

Happy kid again.

Excited to try flying kite for the first time ever.

Fly high, fly high, dear kite.

I guess this playing kite in Muar phenomena is one of the implications of living in a small town with no shopping mall. Most of the people just did not have so many places of interest options during holiday so they just strolled in the one and only park in town. There were just that many people playing kites and as a result, they tend to tangle the kite strings to each others when flying them.

What an afternoon. Who knew that our stroll to hung Rojak in Tanjung Emas would end up in reliving the childhood experience. I kind of like it, though.