Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday Night Stroll at Chinatown, Singapore

Being new in Singapore, my husband's colleagues advised him to check Singapore's Chinatown out, especially since Chinese New Year is coming next month. Singapore's Chinatown offers massive Chinese New Year's decorations and goodies, so it would be quite an interesting scene to witness.

Last night, we decided to come down to Chinatown, have a look and get some nice Chinese dinner there. Chinatown is indeed one of Singapore's vibrant spots poised with strong Chinese cultural elements, eminently at night. The long stretch of shops at the night market, loud Chinese music, street singers singing some Mandarin evergreen oldies, flooding crowds along the street, people selling Chinese paintings, red lampions, Chinese red decorations, etc. This place is just so happening. It's definitely also a favorite hang-out spot for foreigners too. Non-Chinese would, beyond any doubt, also love to check Chinatown and enjoy the nightlife there.

About to start cruising Singapore's Chinatown.

We came there wearing a hungry bear's hat. We just sat down at the nearest Chinese restaurant we could get from the Chinatown MRT Station and after few light regular arguments at restaurants, we finally started ordering food. The food was a bit pricey for our taste but I guess everywhere in Chinatown would charge Chinese food with this kind of pricing.

The Chinese Restaurant we picked.
Almost every visitor was drinking lots of beers.

Fried Pork with Honey Sauce.

Ma Lai Feng Guang.

Hong Kong Fried Noodles.

Strawberry (Ice Cream) Milk Shake.

After dinner, we made a circle around the Chinatown's night market. Checked some shops and took pictures here and there but didn't buy anything. We were just enjoying the atmosphere. It very much reminded me of the night market at Hong Kong's Lady Street (Nu Ren Jie), especially the way they arrange the street sellers and the Chinese restaurant in the junction. Both Singapore's and Hong Kong's (Chinatown) night market have a very crowded Chinese restaurant in a junction's corner somewhere along the busy street. On many fronts, both night markets are quite similar, except the sellers in Hong Kong speak Cantonese and a slight of Mandarin while the ones in Singapore speak Mandarin or English.

Checking out the busy street at Chinatown's night market.

Welcoming the Rabbit Year: Bunny of abundance is now everywhere.

Pretty Cherry Blossoms decorations.

Flowers, flowers and flowers. All fake.

Cherry Blossom street lamps.

On top of the balcony above Chinatown's Pagoda Street.

That was it. We spent our Saturday night yesterday with a pretty short stroll at Chinatown. Didn't buy much but the dinner, however, at least we got to explore one more of Singapore's most visit place and enjoyed the nightlife offered there.

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