Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baby Jennifer is Two!

Baby Jennifer is two years old today! Although I am far away from her, I am very ecstatic to learn this. Too bad, I miss her birthday celebration. Heard that my sister and cousin planned to make some decorated cupcakes to celebrate Jen's second birthday this coming weekend. She's grown up into such a happy and sweet little girl.

I still remember she was such a harmless baby last year and now she looks older than a mere two-year old. She already can speak some broken words in Indonesian and Javanese, demand stuff, sing, dance, tease and joke with us! Thus far, she can't really pronounce words well so she calls herself  'Pel'.

Baby Jennifer enjoys posing when you say you want to take photo of her. But, she's got to be in the mood too. She's a shy baby when she is surrounded by too many people or strangers.

Baby Jen posing in front of the Christmas Tree at Gajahmada Hotel, Malang.

She is super girlish, she loves make up and enjoys being dressed up like a doll. Guess she can't wait to grow up into a pretty young lady. She also loves combing your hair, though I heard it's pretty painful when she actually knocks the comb to your head instead.

Dressing up.

She is still glued to my parents, more than any other persons in my big family. She follows them where ever possible like their own tail. In return, my parents adore her every single little move.

 Lunching with my parents at Depot Rawon Nguling, Malang.

That smile again...

She loves dealing with phones in general.

She snacks and eats a lot too, hence my family does not really worry about her growth. Although at times, she can be very picky on her snacks and meals.

Drinking sweet tea.

Like any other girls in general, she takes pleasure in eating sweets and chocolate balls. They make her happy and cheerful.

 Sweets are the top secret to make her approach you.

One thing that is a bit unusual with Baby Jen is her habit in watching and listening to strictly mandarin karaoke pieces. She doesn't like cartoons or any other educational kiddo shows. Every morning she would ask my parents to play some mandarin karaoke DVD for her at home. Weird huh?

This is the face she gives you when you don't grant what she demands or when she is in bad mood.

She shouts "WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP" when you politely rope her assistance in waking up somebody. In this field, she is professional and functions more effective than a normal alarm.

She's ready to get you off the bed in the morning.

According to my parents, Baby Jen has good reputation in the neighborhood too. Many people tease and spoil her when they happen to see her around. Moreover, one older couple in the neighborhood purposely asks my Dad to 'lend' them Baby Jen for an hour or two every morning so they can play with her at their shop.

Now, I can only hope July to come faster so I can see her again.

Get what I mean?

Can't wait to see that lovely smile and grin craving her chubby face! Not to forget her dimples too... We are so grateful with her presence. She makes the world in my family a little bit merrier.

Happy Birthday, Jennifer! Stay sweet and cute.

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