Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Say Bu-bye to Singapore!

I guess my time in Singapore is up. The bunny really brings change to me. The big decision had been mutually made. Instead of having the hassles of moving to a new house in few weeks time, my husband and I opted to permanently move to Malaysia some time after the Spring Festival is over. Shocking and abrupt news but true it is. Yep, now I really will have to say good bye to Singapore who has been so kind in hosting me for about four years and bid farewell to all my friends and business acquaintances who crossed paths with me during my tenure in Singapore.

Singapore's typical building blocks' view that I am going to miss.

Do I feel sad? Of course. I am so attached to Singapore and I called this city-state 'home' for the past few years. I had four Christmases, four Roman new years, four birthdays and am about to celebrate my fourth Lunar new year here. Am I worried with my new journey in another foreign country? Super! Do I freak out about everything? Heck, yes. A lot. You tell me about it. Whenever I think about my future, I really freak out. I will (probably temporarily) be jobless, almost friend-less, facing the language barriers, having some tough times adapting to the new place, dreading the upcoming and unavoidable driving lessons, having lesser independence and the list goes on. But the good thing is I will have my husband to entirely rely on there, so I guess I will be alright.

I understand that I am now acting like an utter bitch. Complaining and whining about the new big changes I am about to face but I try to think that what I feel now as normality, especially since now I am the one who is about to leave my comfort zones here. Well, at least some people whom I shared my feeling with, said so. Hence, I guess it's very normal to encounter these emotions. But yeah, I have told myself to end the complaining and whining series by this weekend and start thinking positively about the next life-turning transitions since we had made up our minds. I am a brave trooper. I had conquered the Netherlands and Singapore, why should I fret much about Malaysia? It's just another battle field.

But really, what's the point of forcing the one you love to stay in a place where he doesn't belong to? It's selfishness. He gave his shot in Singapore, didn't quite like it and now it's my turn to give my best shot in his territory. No harm and this is what I should do to make the marriage works. I mean we have a dream of having our small family sooner or later thus we really need to settle down in a place where nobody would chase us out from the house after every few months.

Humanity lesson learned since million years ago has proven to be correct again, at least for now. Human beings can only plan, but the big guy up there decides. I mean, my husband and I had a real solid plan laid out before he moved to Singapore. We planned to stay here for a couple of years, earn few Singapore dollars and cents for future saving then go back to Malaysia and settle down there. Who knew that the house issue cropped out and he turned out really didn't like his life here? Hence, what best for us now is just to accelerate the settling-down-in-Malaysia part and hopefully it's a wise thing to do, given our current circumstances.

To conclude my speech here, all I could say is that I will miss everything about Singapore soon enough. I will miss my friends here and would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of them for accompanying me throughout these years. You guys are great. It's been a smooth and enjoyable ride in Singapore. Hopefully, we will see each other again pretty soon, though not as often and easy as of now.

Now I know how all the women who blog about their life after marriage felt when they quit their stable job and followed their husbands to some other foreign lands or became a full-time house wife. It's not an easy thing to do and I salute all of them.

Bu-bye, Singapore!


  1. I'm sure you will feel more like "home" in Malaysia. You will soon develop sense of belonging, create your own territory. No more living like a parasite or "2nd Grade" resident. You shall have your own room, own transport, own family, own business and even your very own house! Everything will turn out to be so much better that by then you will look back and pop out this question: "How did I survive those 4 miserable years?"

  2. semangat, semangat, semangat, semangat!!!!!
    wish u d best Tin!

  3. Hahaha.. thank you, Va! ini deg2an haha...


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