Monday, January 3, 2011

Home Sweet Home

That's it. In a blink, the long holidays at hometown that I terribly looked forward had come to an end. Now, I am back in Singapore and forced to deal with the Singapore hectic routines again.

I had to be grateful with the less than a week break at my hometown in Indonesia for Christmas. It was a relatively fruitful and always meaningful short visit. A lot of things were done and both husband and I did real lots of errands almost everyday there. Too bad, due to too many things to settle during the short holiday, we again missed Christmas. It's been officially two years in a row since we didn't properly celebrate Christmas in a fashion that it should be. Christmas had become a mere day passing by.

Here is the journal of my latest visit with my husband to Malang which I want to fix in mind.

To begin with, we witnessed the massive ashes coming out from the erupting Mount Bromo on our way home from Surabaya to Malang. My husband was immediately intrigued to snap some pictures of this from inside the car.

Obvious thick clouds of ash in the sky.

When we reached home, we were finally reunited with my idol baby, Jennifer. It was the moment I had impatiently waiting for the longest time... She's so cute!

Baby Obama: Jovial as ever.

Super duper cute, huh?

We attended my sister's engagement party and caught up with relatives during the event. Now, we were the ones who helped out my sister and her fiance during the party's preparation. Only few months ago, it was my sister and her then boyfriend helped us out for our engagement party. Now, please remind me again how fast time flies.

My sister is engaged now!

Attended the engangement party at New Hong Kong Restaurant, Malang.

With my pretty cousins.

I made my husband enjoyed some fish spa with me for 20 minutes. It was damn cheap there. The tingling sensations from the fish's bites drove us crazy for the first few minutes.

I guess were just fated to deal with fish during our visit. 
Fish as spa therapists, food, entertainer and pet.

I did some private and complimentary beauty maintenance sessions at my Mom's salon. My husband got his hair done too.

My mom cut my husband's hair. "Son, please call me Mom first to waive the fee".

Finally doing some hair spa: Massage my hair, head and shoulder please.

We ate a lot of home cooked food. Finally, I got to taste my Mom's food again.

Mom making Pizza.

We also ate out almost several times a day to satisfy my craving over some favorite home town cuisines.

Tasting the real street food everywhere, anytime.

I got to cuddle my old flame and felt the bliss from connecting with him, after five solid years of total neglect. He was still beautiful as the first time I brought him home and put him to my face skin. Big thanks to my husband who made this reunion happen. He fixed the broken strings and tuned four of them in perfectly.

My dear Stradivarius. Long time no see.
Me and Stradi: Together fooling around like old times.

We had a chance to finally settle all the major things for our upcoming wedding in Malang i.e. testing the make up and food, choosing wedding card invitation and stage decoration, checking out the wedding venue, meeting with the wedding organizers, selecting wedding dress, etc. All thanks to my parents who patiently and constantly assisted us in making this happen.

Taking up the role as a real food critic for once in a lifetime.

We visited Pasar Hewan in Malang with my dad and husband and we bought four small fish to add up my parent's freshwater collections. Too bad, my Mom accidentally did something with the pump over the night and in the next morning, we lost eleven of them.

My Dad choosing the big fish to take home.

Hey, we could find the tiniest and the biggest fish in this market.

We had a true patience workshop led by my would be brother-in-law himself through freshwater fishing session at the nearby fishing pond in town for about two hours. He was the best teacher we had since he takes fishing business as something more than a hobby.

We got fish!

I had clay doll making crash course with my sister. I  sucked and created a horrible looking clay doll.

One serious student.

Guess which one I created.

We also managed to squeeze in one hour to have some karaoke session with my sister, her fiance and their friend cum photographer from Surabaya. My husband and I sang and danced over a Dang Dut song! No photo taken during karaoke since it was too dark and nobody were in the mood to snap some photos when singing. And last but not least, we also read some old favorite Japanese comics in the book shelves at home. How I miss them all (and my playful childhood)!

Although it seemed that most of the missions in our to-do-list were accomplished in less than six days visit, I regretted quite a few bit things that I didn't manage to do during my short visit in Malang last week. Some of which were spending quality time with my paternal grandma and aunties who had eagerly expected my visit, baking cookies and cakes for my husband as promised (there were just too much food at home hence I killed this idea), meeting up with some old pals in hometown (we were simply too busy?) and dropping by at some relative's houses and my maternal grandmother's place in Dampit. Six days were just not enough.

Bidding farewell to my paternal Grandma in 2010. 
Seems like I won't see her that often in most of the part of 2011 again.

Dear ones who sent us off in the airport.

And oh, I was hit by severe homesick syndrome when I was in the waiting room at the Surabaya airport. Then, my eyes were literally so watery and I think I did cry a river in public. My husband had to comfort me like small kid for quite some time. Duh! Maybe I should blame my hormonal imbalance for my emotional reactions that day and the day after I left Malang.
You can never go home again, but the truth is you can never leave home, so it's all right.
~Maya Angelou~

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