Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fishing: Revisited

Once upon a time, my father often took his small family for freshwater fishing in some nearby fishing ponds in my hometown's suburbs. This was dated probably back in fifteen years ago. As a small kid, I recalled it was such a fun activity and I enjoyed the natural village scenery surrounding the fishing ponds. I could still tasted the thrill when the fish caught the bait. It was such an adrenaline rush.

I am not quite sure what happened then, but we just never went for fishing with my parents again. The next information I got few years ago was that the fishing ponds that my family used to visit was already closed down since the old man who ran the venue has passed away. My father didn't bother to ask us for fishing again ever since. Ever.

Meanwhile, I now have a would-be brother in law who is an avid freshwater and sea fisher. He goes to fishing in rain and shine. His whole family considers fishing as a family recreation activity that they do several times a year. They would even sail to some oceans in different island for fishing. Surely, they have all the complete fishing equipments. I thought of revisited the idea of fishing again last December. I was very happy to have the opportunity to do some fishing again, now with my husband, sister and her fiancee. My parents were not keen in the fishing process but eager to know how many fish we caught at the end of the day. Big deal.

My Mom introduced us a newly built fishing pond in Karanglo, Malang. We went there on one cloudy afternoon and four of us had some light freshwater fishing session there. Although the weather didn't really treat us kind enough but we still manage to do what we plan. My sister's fiance brought all the fishing rods, bait and other fishing equipment from Surabaya. Hence, we saved the problem and cost in renting the fishing rods.

Pondok Desa, Kampoeng Telaga. 
A Seafood Restaurant cum Commercial Fishing Pond.

The gentlemen preparing the fishing equipments.

 Fooling around first.

Me and my sister. 
Acting to be sirens of the pond who didn't do much but posing. Lousy.

Me and my husband. Virgin freshwater fishing experience.

 I got the first fish!

Keeping the caught fish alive before taking them home.

The two gentlemen showing off all the hard-work. 

What we took home that day.

The price that we had to pay.

Releasing all the fish from the net.

 Weigh and Pay.

In the end, we took home six fairly small fish weighing exactly one kg. The whole process and results cost us just about Rp. 22,000 (around S$3!). My Mom proclaimed that she was lazy cleaning the fish's contents so she gave all the fish to my Aunt. We didn't mind at all.

I feel that fishing is a really patience training and hobby. We were forced to just sit by the pond for quite some time, did pretty much nothing but waiting and firmly holding the fishing rod. After so long, we then only realized that either the fish caught the bait or a group of fish had finished nibbling all the bait down there thus we just rolled the empty fishing rod up and started the whole process again. It went on and on like this for a couple of hours. Furthermore, as an amateur fisher, learning to throw the fishing rod into the water in a proper manner to reach acceptable distance is really something that need to be frequently practiced.

Albeit all these challenges and occasional grumbles, nothing could beat the feeling when the fish caught the bait and you got a moving fish on your hand. This what makes people so addicted to fishing. The results after waiting and trying for damn long.

Still want to do some fishing again say in some other time? You bet, I would.

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