Sunday, January 30, 2011

Farewell, Farewell and Another Farewell

It was only last weekend when my husband and I met my good pals in Singapore, Iris and Rej, for some Indonesian dinner, long (diabetic) supper 'til midnight and shared a cab home in Singapore. And now here I am, already in Malaysia. Already more than half way to the plan of permanently staying here with husband.

Last Saturday night: The trio at Coffee Club, Somerset.

 The Coffee Club's Mud Pie. 
We, Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian and Filipino loved this.

 The Coffee Club's Carrot Cake.

On last Wednesday, I had a farewell lunch with my Bishan ex-housemate and one and only Indonesian lunch buddy in Nicoll Highway area, Liza. We had it at the Aston's Restaurant which is next to my office building. Liza said, my colleagues took me to this restaurant on my first working day there back in November, so she wanted me to dine at the same venue before I leave too. So sweet of her. I am so gonna miss her - chatting with her and listening to her big-sister-advice over lunch. I really hope I could cross path with her again in the near future, be it in Singapore, Indonesia or Malaysia. Too bad, I never took a photo with her. Shame, shame.

Aston's Grilled Fish with Herb Sauce for Wednesday lunch.

As time goes by, too fast as usual, last week was my last working day in Singapore. After explaining my current personal situation to my line manager, I officially resigned on last Monday and served the week out since I was still in probation. It was a shame to be able to extend my service to my new company for mere two and half months, two weeks before I was about to be confirmed. I just had my new business cards printed just on the day before my last day there.

On Friday itself, I had my farewell lunch with my Filipino colleagues, Joel and Bella. We had a long chat on my future plan in Malaysia, housing in Singapore and Bella's pregnancy journey. After lunch, my colleague, Christopher surprised me with a nicely wrapped present, which he did himself. Right after he came back from lunch, he came to my desk and threw a small box to me, just like that. I was so shocked and embarrassed accepting his farewell present since I didn't stay long in the company. Chris and I happened to bump into each other on our way in and back to work, we chatted a lot during our commuting times, quite frequently. I was touched by his friendliness and concern. He is indeed a nice and hardworking young chap whose strength and determination I really admire. He works full time and studies part time almost every day.

Later on, Victor gave me a cute rabbit cupcake he got from a sponsor's event he attended earlier.

Farewell present from Chris and a Rabbit Cupcake from Victor.

What's inside Chris's gift.

I blasted my farewell note email to all my colleagues in Singapore and Hong Kong office at around 4pm and was pretty touched to read their immediate responses over my sudden departure and relocation to different country.

Ahhh -
Gonna miss you my dear - But

All the best, Christine!

All the best in your future endeavours!
Keep in touch.

Hi Christine,
It has been a pleasure working with you.
All the best for the future.
CR xx

Hi Christine, 
You take care!!
And hopefully you will enjoy the next adventure of your life! 
I can't find you on facebook. Add me.
Best regards,

Q, will be missing one more of the 'good people'. What can I say.
Be careful in M'sia (not everyone can be trusted - not like Singapore). There are crooks over there, blah, blah, blah...
By the way - told my old schoolmate u were 'taken'. He said he'd stay away... didn't want to have his face punched. Ha! Ha!
All the best! Keep in touch (if you can) and Adios Amigos!

Hi Christine,
This is very sudden news indeed. I do wish you all the best with your relocation and new endeavors (at least you won't have to put up with your cranky tenant).
Take care and do keep in touch!

Wow! Quite the surprise... Hope you're excited about the change of environment. Thanks for your effort and good luck.

Hi Christine,
Sad to know you are leaving. But I am sure you have made the best choice amongst all options for the best outcome. Thanks for helping me out with ICCM. I wish you the best in 2011 and beyond. Take care.

And there was a speaker in Singapore who congratulated me on my relocation. His advice was change is the touchstone of progress. I couldn't agree more.

That was it. Another last day at work. After work, I met up with my husband and we had our dinner at Junction 8, our favorite mall in Bishan. We ate the rabbit cupcake as our dessert after we had our Japanese dinner there. Apparently it was a carrot cupcake. My husband's favorite.

This could be our last time scouting our favorite mall, Bishan's Junction 8.

Me and the cute rabbit decoration at Junction 8.

Fret not, after this coming Chinese New Year, I will still be coming to Singapore to finish packing and do some more proper farewells with all my friends in Singapore.

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