Monday, January 17, 2011

Bunny Brings Change

To celebrate the upcoming Rabbit Year, my husband and I thought of going all rabbit-y too. We bought these S$ 0.80 worth rabbit wall decorations from the market behind our block two weeks ago. Only last week, we finally pasted them on the wall above our TV. Whenever I see these two bunnies throwing their cute little smiles at us from the wall up there, I feel more or less at home.

Bunnies of Abundance bred at home.

Who knew that right after Chinese New Year, we got to vacant the current room we stay in since the landlord seemingly plans to sell her HDB unit right after the Spring Festival is over. We were bewildered and not all set for this since both of us just recently killed the idea to move to a better house after weighing all the costs and troubles involved if we were to move to another place in short span of time. Our main determinant to find a better shelter, then, was the auntie's being quite weird and funny since Day One we set our feet here.

The landlord returned this month's rent to my husband before he went off to work this early morning and I thought I was still dreaming when I read my husband's text about that. Since then, we have been engrossed browsing for rooms and connecting with agents in Singapore. On my second thought, this leave-the-house-after-the-new-year declaration could possibly be one of our landlord's spring cleaning measures. Just joking.

Nevertheless, akin to any other Chinese, we do plant some hopes on the positive things that the Rabbit Year would extend to us. We have a little confidence for the Bunny of Abundance to cater us happiness, health and prosperity throughout the year of 2011.

For that reason, I stipulate this accommodation issue as a blessing in disguise. A kick-off for all the good things and better big and/or small life transitions that may befall this year. I mean I try to see that change is perpetually good. Leaving comfort zones, in most cases, somehow leads us greener pasture. Distress signifies alpha and solace indicates omega.

Now I am pleased to announce that the room hunt has officially begun since this 9.15am, again. For the second time in just four months time. Come hell or high water, I will be, once more, really busy packing and unpacking heck lots of stuff here.

Alright, let the search begin first and then followed by the real move out/in - all over again. What the heck.

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