Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beauties in the Garden

My Mom maintains two gardens at home. In normal days when she is not too busy, she really does serious gardening twice a day. She grows whatever things she can grow at her gardens like vegetables, flowers, green plants, water plants, orchids and many more. Despite the objections I often raised for creating some mild tropical jungles alike behind our house, her green fingers kept on working. My mouthful comments on her gardens evaporated in the air. Hence, I mind my own business too and dream when I had one of my own, I would not do my garden in the same way.

Recently, my Mom gave up the idea of keeping a maid at home and has been pretty busy preparing her two daughters' wedding and engagement parties. During my Christmas visit last week, I could see that her gardens had been pretty much abandoned. No more little fish inhabiting her lotus pots and there were dry plants. There were more mosquitoes flying around the house too. I lamented again. She ignored me once more.

Anyway, despite her gardens going pretty wild behind our house, I was perplexed when my husband showed me the flower pictures he casually took at my Mom's gardens. Seemingly, there are still hidden beauties in the wild.

The floral photos that my husband took, when compiled, 
look descent enough for 2011 photo calendar, don't they?

I think most of beautiful things in this world are usually hidden and people tend to look for beauties on the surface only. They hardly dig deep enough to capture the real beauties beneath. Anyway, to wrap the discussion up, I guess messy gardens are not that bad too keep. Mother is always right.

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